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Bob Losure
Behind the Scenes at CNN

Former CNN News anchor Bob Losure is a skilled speaker, emcee, author and corporate spokesman. His keynote seminar, “Hey Boss, There's a TV Crew in the Lobby,”gives the facts on getting your message out to the media. “CNN, a Look from the Top and the Bottom” takes a humorous look at all the things that can and do go wrong when the news is live. Bob’s motivational “I fought and I Won” speech shares his innermost thoughts on battling cancer in 1985. Author of Five Seconds to Air, Bob Losure shares his life with honesty, conviction and humor.

“You are a true professional and your participation brings a warmth and personal touch to our activities that no one else can duplicate.”

Marcia Nole, Meetings Manager
The U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce
Tulsa, OK

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