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Aim High Canines
Disc, dock, agility, tricks and more!

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Frisbee Dog Halftime Show

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The Aim High Canines perform disc, dock, agility, tricks, and more at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, sporting events and private functions across the United States.

Our motto is "Reach for the Stars." We believe that every person and every dog has what it takes to be great! All of our dogs have overcome significant challenges to become the stars that they are today. Some of them wouldn't be here if not for our perseverance!

Haeleigh Hyatt, owner of the Aim High Canines, has been training dogs since 2009 when she signed up for an agility class on a whim. Enjoying time spent with her dogs, Haeleigh has pursued various activities with them, including but not limited to: agility, dock diving, freestyle flying disc, and tricks.

A sport which combines athleticism, strategy, and creativity, freestyle flying disc soon became one of Haeleigh's favorites activities—and it shows. She is a world-class exhibitor in the sport, has received numerous awards and invitations to elite competitions over the years.

In 2015, Haeleigh was presented with the unique opportunity to make her passion her profession. With the help and support of her friends and family, she has built a career showcasing her dogs' talents at various public and private events across the US. The Aim High Canines also enjoy acting and have appeared on numerous local and national television programs.

Haeleigh believes that every dog has what it takes to be great—all it takes a little time, love, and patience. All of the Aim High Canines have overcome significant challenges to be where they are today. From Eva a rescue no one wanted, to Fflash, a dog who almost didn't survive his first few days of life, every dog on the team has a story. They all have one thing in common though—they have all become accomplished performers who enjoy wow-ing crowds with their acrobatics. Rescue Sage zips across the performance area catching every Frisbee thrown, while Eva shows the audience how to get their dog started at home. Border collie Wren kicks things up a notch by performing an astounding 360 back-flip that few dogs in the world have mastered. Fflash, another border collie, jumps rope with Haeleigh and takes it upon himself to provide the show with a little comic relief. The show is rounded out by Mellie, a little fluffy agility dog, and Clove the veteran trick dog.