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Amazing Hypnosis and Magic



Amore's Phenomenon Video


Amore's Hypnosis Video


Amore's Magic Video


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Get tantalized and mesmerized by Amore as he brings to you the ultimate show for the new millennium.

Each show is a unique experience where the audience members become the stars of the show! Whether you choose to volunteer or just watch be ready to laugh and be amazed like never before.


Do you believe in ESP and power of the mind? For instance, is it possible to foretell the future, move objects with your mind or read someone’s thoughts? The answers to these and other questions can be found in Amore’s show titled Phenomenon.

Phenomenon is new and exciting show created for the sophisticated expectations of a young adult audience. Phenomenon is a presentation of profound and unbelievable events in a fast-paced, fun format. This one of a kind performance will make the birthday child the star of the show. There will be plenty of memorable moments so have your camera ready. Amore utilizes the audience throughout the performance for astounding demonstrations of the mind and body incorporating psychology and parapsychology. Envision breaking a light bulb simply by thinking about it, predicting lottery numbers, floating a table in mid-air, foreseeing the future, the reading of people’s minds, and see a demonstration of the human lie detector. Experience Phenomenon and you will believe.

Phenomenon is a show that challenges an audience to discover the power of their own minds.


Each show is a unique experience, where the audience members become the stars of the show!  Whether you choose to volunteer or just watch you should get ready to laugh and be amazed like never before.

Amore has performed thousands of hypnosis shows around the globe since 1987.  He has earned a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy, starred in the top selling videotape “The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed,” and is the author of "Cluck Like a Chicken, Bark Like a Dog".

The Outrageous Comic Hypnosis Show is a non-stop performance filled with audience participation, humor and spontaneous fun!  The combination of a warm personality, a comical mind, captivating music and the fascinating intrigue of hypnosis have proved a winning formula for master hypnotist Amore.  Get tantalized, mesmerized and hypnotized as Amore the Outrageous Comic Hypnotist brings to you the ultimate hypnosis show.

To make sure this show is right for your event please refer to the tech requirements for this show.
Please be aware that although our promotional video reflects some adult humor, be assured that our comic hypnosis shows are always age and event appropriate.  Content specific and audience appropriate material is very important to Amore and to the success of his show.


Catering to all ages, this show tops all others. Fast paced and original, this one of a kind performance will make audience members shine in the spotlight. Have your camera ready for memorable moments that will surely be added to your photo album.
Experience edge of your seat fun!

Whether your party has 10 people or 100 Amore’s show will amaze and astound. Colorful handkerchiefs turn to magic canes, live birds appear at Amore’s fingertips, and objects materialize out of thin air. Spectacular visual magic combined with music captures the audience’s attention and brings them to a realm of wonderment. Audience participation is the main portion of Amore’s performance. Audience members become the magician’s assistant during the show. Amore utilizes costumes and other props for some hilarious comical routines. Balancing amazing magic and side-splitting comedy, Amore presents an unforgettable show for your event. From the moment the show begins until the grand finale children and adults will be mesmerized and mystified.
This performance takes up a small amount of space and you will find it is just right for most locations. Not too big, not too small and perfect for any location (indoors or out). Having your party at a hall or restaurant? No problem! Amore can accommodate by adjusting his show to accommodate any venue.

Some great additions to Amore’s family performances are:

• Wacky balloon sculpturing: Crazy and colorful hats, dogs, flowers and rabbits are just a few of the wide selection of great balloon sculptures your guests will choose from.

• Amore’s unique magic workshop: Great magic performances always leave audiences clamoring for information on how they can do magic. Join us for a workshop that introduces children to the fascinating world of magic and illusion. Who better to learn from then a professional magician?! Guests become magicians in training. Each child will experience hands-on fun and the opportunity to challenge themselves and amaze others by taking the magician’s oath and learning a quality trick that they will receive to take home.

"Your professionalism and enthusiasm were great!"

Judi Kaiser, Director SCFYP
Hofstra University

"Excellent, professional performance! We give Amore our highest  recommendation." im to perform for us every week! He really goes above and beyond."

ERA Marketing, Inc.

"Amore’s comedy hypnosis act is the best I have ever seen!"

Don DeMarzio, Entertainment Director, Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, Catskills, NY

"Fantastic! We never laughed so hard."

Butterfield and Vallis Co, Bermuda

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