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Anna Jack Productions
Grace, Beauty, and Intensity

Shows can be performed together or individually.
Anna Jack's hula hoop show can be performed without rigging

Since 1994, Anna Jack Entertainment has been amazing people all over the world. Born in Russia in 1974 to a famous circus family, Anna has brought together artists and performers from the four corners of the globe to delight and entertain you.

A current regular on CBS' "Late Night With David Letterman", Jack spent four years working in the Moscow Circus School before immigrating to the United States. Considered one of the best hoola hoop artists in the world, Anna has performed with the Big Apple Circus, The Moscow Circus, and has been on Broadway in "Circus Diva" and in the musical, "Barnum".

She has appeared on television shows including "E! Entertainment" and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", and at a number parties and trade shows for various companies including Microsoft, McDonald's, Oldsmoblie, George Lucas, and Chrysler. She can also be seen in a national ad campaign for SONY. Currently, she is a featured performer with Antigravity Circus, based in New York.

Aside from the hoola hoops, this experienced circus performer is well-versed in bungee dancing, hand balancing, aerial acts, and performs with trained dogs. Her daughter, Daniella is also an award-winning hoop artist, able to work with 9 hoops. She has performed in a variety of benefits for children and is available for commercials. Anna currently lives with her family in Long Island, NY, but is available to work everywhere.

The Dog Show
Can Your Pet Do This?

Lena, Nek, Lena, and Nek are four of the hardest working dogs in show business. They'll excite you, keep you in awe, and have you howling for more.






Contortionist, Hoola Hoop Artist

Anna Jack's daughter is following in her mother's footsteps. Catch her now and you can say you knew her when...


Anna Jack's Circus R Us:

Circus R Us Video

Anna & Daniella's Hand Balancing:

Anna & Daniella Video

Anna Jack's Promotional Video:

Short Promotional Video

The Dog Show's Promotional Video:

Dog Show Promo Video

Daniella's Promotional Video:

Daniella's Promo Video

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