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Antonio Sacre


Antonio Sacre Looking For Papito Video
[8 minutes]


 Antonio Sacre's The Barking Mouse
[6 minutes]


Antonio Sacre School Show Demo Video
[4 minutes]


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Antonio Sacre, born in Boston to a Cuban father and an Irish American mother, is an internationally touring writer, storyteller, and solo performance artist based in Los Angeles.  He earned a BA in English from Boston College and a MA in Theater Arts from Northwestern University.  He has performed at the Kennedy Center, the National Storytelling Festival, the Library of Congress' Festival of the Book, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and many theaters and festivals nationwide.

Also a gifted keynote speaker and diversity consultant, Antonio Sacre has provided keynotes across the country for educators who are expanding their vision of how children learn and for corporations committed to exploring and discussing diversity in the workplace.  Inspiring and humorous stories provide the context for Sacre’s message:  self-expression is not only personal and creative, it is a significant key to children’s desire to learn; knowledge of other cultures opens up worlds of creativity and increased tolerance; and the arts can play a vital role in teaching across the curriculum.

Since 1996, Antonio has created eight hour long solo performance pieces, performing them to both critical and popular acclaim at the New York International Fringe Festival, where he won two "Best in Fringe Festival" awards.  He is currently touring with The Poet and the Storyteller, a moving solo performance that explores love, loss, and lies through razor sharp writing and great humor.

The Village Voice calls Sacre "remarkable...a serious artist" and Backstage says Sacre is "powerful, hilariously honest...the man is an out and out genius."  His shows have garnered numerous Critics' Choice awards in San Francisco and Chicago.

"Exemplary keynote address...remarks were brilliant though practical, delivered with good humor and great charm"

M. Kadsih
NYCASD, New York, NY

"Antonio Sacre gracefully weaves his hip and heartfelt humor with his stunning multicultural content, riveting audiences time and again."

Andrea Permenter
Hubbard High School, Chicago, IL