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From Russia with Music, Dance and lots of Love


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These classically trained musicians and vibrant dancers bring the rich traditions and culture of Russia alive with music, dance and lots of uplifting, toe-tapping music, comedy and interaction. Learn about many of the ancient and modern traditions including the traditional Russian wedding, much different that what you are used to. There are no rehearsals, bridesmaids, etc. The wedding celebration usually lasts for two days. 

From the days of the Roman Empire and the aqueducts to the free world, Barynya performers depict trough wind, sting and percussion instruments always explicit dance the exhilarating and educational tales, trials and tribulations of their rich heritage. Through their vast repertoire of brilliant costumes, dance and music each era comes alive. Audiences will learn so many unheard of traditions revealing the mission of these musicians and dancers to preserve the pre-revolution Russian culture. Instruments include Balalaika, Garmoshka, Gusli and many more with demonstration and explanation. Did you know that there are syllables in the Russian languages that are totally unknown to the English speaking world?  And visa versa!

"To say that our K-5 students were entrances is an understatement. The Smimov’s are truly gifted ambassadors for their homeland."

Sandra Babara, Principal
Fulmar Road Elementary School
Mahopac, NY

"I cannot recommend more highly Barynya to you.  Our sold out house enjoyed two hours of costumes, dancing and songs telling stories of love, family and work.  Natasha’s beautiful voice and Misha’s skillful playing of the garmosshka were at the center of the ensemble."

Brigitte Blachere, Program Manager
Performing Arts and Humanities
The Smithsonian Institute
Washington DC