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Bubble Wonders
Geoff Akins Hannah


Bubble Wonders - Anything is Possible [3 mins]


Bubble Wonders - Library Life Interview [5 mins]


Bubble Wonders - On the News [3 mins]



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If you're looking for something New and Different...look no further! Inspiring Speaker, Best-Selling Author and International Bubble Artist, GeoffAkins Hannah, creates moments of wonder and awe during his uplifting and captivating Bubble Wonders Show. Audiences watch spellbound as Geoff does the most amazing things with ordinary soap and water. Bubble Wonders is full of amazing bubble tricks including the bubble caterpillar, volcano bubble, gigantic dancing bubble, bubbles inside of bubbles, Kid in a bubble and much more!

Woven into the show are a variety of magical pro-reading messages designed to inspire the children's natural curiosity and teach them how to use the library as a resource for making their dreams come true.

Equally important is the show's theme: "Anything is possible!" During the course of the show there's a running gag where Geoff and the audience try to create a square bubble! He fails time and time again (on purpose...modeling persistence) and yet never gives up. Positive messages about the "Power of Persistence," the "Importance of Reading," "Turning Mistakes into Happy Accidents" and "Following Your Dream" are woven throughout this uplifting program. By the end of the show Geoff discovers a way to successfully create a square bubble!

It's fun, inspiring, educational and captivates both children and adults alike. Bubble Wonders features the Positive Music Award-winning theme song, "Anything is Possible!" by Jen Hannah (Geoff's wife!)

Kids all ages will laugh as they learn all about the Art and Science of Bubbleology. Geoff's gentle nature and gift of rapport with children have delighted audiences worldwide. He has performed in 10 different countries and all over the United States and broke attendance records at science museums in both Hong Kong and Israel.

Bubble Wonders is also available for customized Keynotes, Bubble Festivals, Family Science Nights, Workshops, Teacher In-Service Days and more. Clients include Toyota, IBM, Whole Foods, Macy's, Gymboree, Walgreens, the National Geographic Channel and Google!

Geoff has co-authored two books including the self improvement best seller, Empowered! and GPS For Success. Most recently he was featured in the children's Book/Kit, The Art and Science of Bubbles!


"In today's world of empty entertainment, your show was a welcome change. Your performance had such depth and meaning. Your personal quest to create a square bubble, and persistence in accomplishing that goal, gave our audience great 'food for thought.' It is our fervent hope that your powerful message and charming presentation reaches and affects many more children."
Rivki Karp, Director of Camp Bnos, Chicago

"The bubbles are your medium but there was even more wonder in your message. Geoff, you are a purveyor of hope and possibilities and thus your show is the ultimate in programming from my perspective. "
Candie Lutz, Round Lake Area Public Library, Round Lake, IL

"It's rare to find presentations that educate, entertain and inspire both students and staff all at the same time! Your positive outlook and encouraging message to keep dreaming of endless possibilities was truly motivating."
Principal, Ross Vittore, Clearmont Elementary, Elk Grove Village, IL