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Kyra Sundance & Chalcy
Performing Dog Team




Promo Video (9 mins)



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This world famous energetic duo performs acrobatic feats and humorous skits for audiences of all ages. a variety of costumes (western costume shown here) tie in with your theme..

A message of goal achievement through realistic goal setting, task identification, patience, consistency, and fair play is delivered throughout the performance and related to specific examples of Chalcy's training.

Students will be energized by this performance and will remember the training examples as they work toward goals later in life.

A Motivational Message
School shows incorporate a motivational message to inspire students. Show themes can be tailored to your needs. Popular themes include:

Goal Setting:
goal identification, work ethic, fair play, patience, consistency, task identification, teamwork

Care for Animals:
compassion, responsibility, humane treatment, training, care for life

Red Ribbon Week:
anti-drug message, harmful effects, staying out of durg siturations, drug-sniffing dogs, making good choices, positive attitude

Physical Fitness:
benefits of fitness, goal setting, healthy choices, drug-free, self-pride, a sport for everyone

Halftime Show Information...

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