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Flores Family Thrill Show
Heart Stopping Thrills


View Flores Family Promotional Video:

Video 1 - Short Promo Video (3 min)
Video 2 - Long Promo Video (28 min)
Video 3 - Flores Family Circus (56 min) 
Video 4 - Flores Family Circus (8 min) 
Video 5 - Flores Family Circus (5 min) 
Video 6 - Flores Family Circus (2 min)

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See a human fly through the air. Watch a woman balance precariously on a swaying pole 65 feet above the ground. See several motorcyclists drive in a circular steel cage a split second from danger. See a motorcycle maneuver on a high wire 80 feet above the ground. These are some of the amazing feats the Flores Family Thrill Show has been entertaining audiences with for years.

From the entire Big Top to an event with one act, the Flores Family will customize a show to fit any venue and situation.

The Flores Family Thrill Show has performed on ESPN2, "Extra" entertainment TV, at state fairs from Louisiana to New Jersey, amusement parks and numerous other events and venues. The Thrill Show is completely self containted and includes state-of-the-art lighting, sound and pyrotechnics. Shows can be performed indoors or outside. It's great family entertainment and breathtaking excitement..

"They were perfect for our event. It was spectacular! People have not seen anything like it, and they were great to work with."

Brett Galley
Meeting Planner
Greenwich, CT

"Thank you for bringing the Fearless Flores Thrill Show back to the Central Florida Fair this year. As always, your shows were professional, entertaining and thrilling. We were impressed!"

Charles Price
General Manager
Central Florida Fair
Orlando, FL