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Jabali Acrobats
Theatrical African Acrobats


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Originating in Mombasa, Kenya these talented acrobats/artists have thrilled audiences of all ages with their unique display of athleticism, art, movement, and acrobatic majesty.

This breath-taking performance exemplifies the link between athletics and the arts as incredible acrobatics, contortions, tumbling, human pyramids, and chair balancing skill of these performers turns to dance with the Congo Snake Dance, the Flamingo Limbo Bar Dance, Skip Rope Footwork techniques and comedy to electrifying music. Audience participation is always included.

These incredible athletes provide a positive role model as they explain the dedication and discipline needed to develop the skill and excellence they have reached in their careers.

With in-your-face excitement the Jabali Acrobats guarantee a motivational and high-energy performance accenting youth and positive thinking.

Educational notes are available for schools and children’s theater performances.

Performances include President Clinton’s “Just Say No!” Event on Capitol Hill, Toronto Children’s Festival, Universoul Circus, numerous NBA and college half time performances, and a special invitation to perform for President Clinton in the White House.

“I thought it was cool, especially the last part where they were all connecting to each other.”

Ten Year Old Guest
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

“…. The best entertainment act I’ve ever seen come to the park.”

Lawrence Surles II, Special Events Coordinator
Paramont’s Carowinds Theme Park
Charlotte, NC

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