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Jeff Bibik



Jeff Bibik Mentalism Show (4 mins)


Jeff Bibik Hypnosis (4 mins)


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The Hypnotist

The Jeff Bibik Hypnosis Experience is a hilarious and amazing journey through the imagination via the subconscious. Jeff is a certified Master Hypnotist that has performed across the US and in over a dozen other countries. He skillfully leads a group of audience volunteers on a wild ride of vivid imagination where everything is real and anything is possible! They may believe they are race car drivers one moment and 5 year old kids the next. They may forget things they've known their entire lives, or speak at length on subjects they know nothing about. It's human nature in action, and nothing is funnier than people! Always in good taste, Jeff will never allow anyone to be embarrassed or feel foolish. In addition, during the show he teaches valuable relaxation techniques that the entire audience can use at once to reduce stress and come away with a new sense of self and empowerment.

The Mentalist

Mentalism is the art and science of thoughts presented in an amazing and entertaining way. Jeff taps into the universal mind, which knows all; thoughts of the past, thoughts of the future, and new thoughts in the present moment. Jeff may predict a word selected at random from a book of hundreds of pages. He often 'sees' your actions before you have even acted. He finds objects based upon vibrational thought patterns. Incredible! Jeff is a seasoned professional and has performed on cruise ships, in comedy clubs, and made numerous television appearances. An expert at Magic and Illusion, Jeff Bibik adds a zany comedy twist and the result is a show you will be proud to present. He is easy to work with and entirely self-contained, making his show flexible enough to fi t any program, from School Assemblies to colleges and Corporate Events.

"Our faculty and students are still talking about your show, we will definitely be calling you again."
Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

"Thanks Jeff, you are a true professional and always a pleasure to work with."
Jam Productions

"You were the perfect choice to entertain a tough audience, thanks!"
Chicago Bar Association