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Larry's Tropical Bird Show
Amazing Menagerie of Exotic Talent

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With Larry’s repertoire of fine-feathered friends, children of ages will be captivated with what for many is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the amazing world of tropical birds. 

For over 20 years Larry has been rescuing, training and educating people on the many intricate, delicate and wonderful aspects of these exotic birds. Especially to Larry’s credit is his ability to exquisitely train these exotic animals – not an easy task by any means. Even tough these creatures are not exceptionally large in size they are wild animals nonetheless. Larry’s Macaws, Eclectus’, Blue Crown Conure, Cockatoo, and many more will talk – oh by the way, Toot appears on the radio in Florida on a regular basis, play piano, play the xylophone, eat with a spoon, exhibit free flight (remember they could just fly away), play basketball, ring toss and much more.

This action packed performance with 6-9 Bird Stars always highlights conservation and preservation of these delicate creatures. All training is done with only respect, positive reinforcement and lots of patience. Audience participation and lots of fun abound, and education will be the result of this remarkable experience. 

"Larry has been doing my expos's for many years. The tricks that his birds do are head and shoulders over any other bird act that I have seen. Not only that, but his stage presence and performance skills are top notched, as is his professionalism and talent as an entertainer and conservationalist."

Charles Tillman, President
Exotic Bird Society of America
Orlando, FL