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John Collins Holds the Guinness World record for paper aircraft distance. John is Author of four books that have been translated into four different languages. Recognized as the world's foremost authority on paper airplanes, John's television credits include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, The Hallmark Channel, ESPN, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC News. WIRED magazine online gleaned more than 25 million views.

John brings more than 30 years of broadcast experience as well as 30 years of speaking and educating audiences of all ages around the globe.

INTERACTIVE : Students get to fold and test their skill with the record design, as well as ask questions.
THE CLASS: Customized for every grade level. Up to grade 4, there would be little or no math; just concepts with a hint on how to quantify ideas, ie counting squares on wing surfaces, etc.

* Elementary
* Middle School
* High School
* College

After Grade 4 and according to grade and ability level, students will be exposed to a variety of aerodynamic concepts through practical demonstrations with paper airplanes, such as: Wing Loading, Glide, Ratio, Sink Rate, Dihedral Angle, Four Basic Forces, Control Surfaces, Stalls, Center of Gravity, Center of Lift, Drag, etc.

Classes can be based on one, two or a series of 5-10 Classes (depending on grade level and math ability) ending with the students receiving a certificate as they complete each module, and a Grand Master Certificate if they successfully complete the classes and an interview with John.

STEAM Private 1hr - up to 8 people

STEAM Live - For Virtual Classrooms

Put together a small group for more fun!  Zoom conference!  Ask questions.  Learn the planes and moves you want.  Get on the schedule today!

Schools and Museums can get the Paper Airplane Guy's world famous STEM Enrichment program.  Also available to add two hours of virtual maker space.  Learn the world record plane and the Tumbling Wing in the maker space.