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Ruby Harris
King of the Blues Violin


Ruby Harris Performs (4 mins)


Ruby Harris up close (5 mins)


  Music Samples:

I'm Gonna Leave


9 Days


Double Standard




T'Natzel Nafshi


Vchol Ma'aminim




Bes Yaakov




Track 01


You Can't Spend


You Can't Catch Me


Hard Headed Woman


Naasu Naharos


Diaspora Yeshiva Band




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Ruby Harris is "one of the Fathers of Jewish Rock"

His latest CD "Almost Home" has 3 Grammy winners.

Original Star of the band that invented Jewish Rock and one of the first of the Klezmer Revival bands, The Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

Voted "Entertainer of the Year" by Wild Chicago

Star performer at the Greater Chicago Jewish Folk Arts Festival, the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival, and the Catskills Jewish Music Festival, he's an annual fixture at the Chicago Blues Festival, and he played for a million people at Chicago's Navy Pier on the Fourth of July

Ruby Harris has performed at sold-out concerts at The Metropolitan Opera House, the HASC concerts at Lincoln Center in New York, and at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, and BB Kings on Times Square. He has performed before President Clinton, at The Democratic Convention, for MTVand CBS Records, before Prime Ministers, Mayors, & people like you.


He has performed with members of Yitzchak Perlman's Klezmer band, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Andy Statman, The Klezmatics, Jazmer, The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, and Soulfarm.


He has recently opened up shows for Ray Charles, Maria Muldaur, James Cotton, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Honeyboy Edwards, Little Feat, The Marshall Tucker Band, Mr. Blotto, The Big Wu, Hot Tuna, and Leftover Salmon.


Ruby has performed in concert with Buddy Miles, Dave Mason, Peter Yarrow, David Bromberg, Irene Stoneman, Junior Wells, Pinetop Perkins, Lester Maddog Davenport, Little Mack Simmons, Elmore James Jr., Shirley King, Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Branch, Sammy Fender, Fruteland Jackson, Cornmeal, and members of Lynard Skynard, Anthrax, the Chieftans, the Bothy Band, and The Yonder Mountain String Band.

We received so many calls from our friends and family today. All of them raved about the music. Thank you so much for making the evening so much fun. I hope that I can recommend you for other parties.
Toby Keith

Harris is far more authentic than, say, the Blues Brothers, but closer to the easy-going B.B. King and Buddy Guy than scorched-earth performers like Howlin'Wolf or big Mama Thornton. His voice is quite expressive and reminiscent of Jerry Garcia's or Levon Helm's. The fact that Harris doesn't simply coast on his novelty, but always reaches for a higher degree of playing, is a testament to his musicianship and his dedication to the blues. If the violin is to be reintroduced as a serious blues instrument, Harris makes a persuasive ambassador, and "Almost Home" an irrefutable piece of diplomacy.
Paul Wieder-JUF

Hey Ruby; Congratulations on the Metropolitan Opera concert! Keep up the great work! Love,
Corky Seigle - Legend

Your music last night was phenomenal. You really knew how to work with the group, getting them exited and involved, but at exactly the right level. I wish you well with your musical endeavors and entertainment.
Anita Miller - Keshet Executive

I put you right up there with Carlbach, MBD, Fried and the rest, Ruby. You were and are still one of the true originals in Jewish music...a no compromising genuine artist singing what's inside of his inspired soul... it was always a pleasure. It was a privilege to be on the same stage with you the few times we had the chance to jam together. Sweet memories, Ruby. Just listened to your CD samples. Your still getting better...if that's even possible. Your biggest fan,
Moshe Yess - Legend

Last night I had the privilege in joining the great Ruby Harris and many others such as Pey Daled in a special concert for Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach at the convention. Everyone who attended the concert was touched...the sound was great...we all jammed together at the end to a spiritual high. (regarding) "There's A Voice" in memory of our mentor Emil Leuchter Z"L, the tune also features the great Ruby Harris on violin, so stay tuned for further developments.
Izzy and Heshy A/K/A Reality Shock

Ruby Harris is an undisputable virtuoso on violin and mandolin. He plays blues, klezmer, folk, rock and any other other genre you can think of.
David Margulis - Even Sh'siyah

YOU ARE IMPRESSIVE. I am very proud of you.
Stacey Stich - Hollywood artist

Rabbinical Haskama: I hereby recommend without any hesitation at all, for anyone who loves good music with Jewish soul, to see the one and only Ruby Harris in concert. I was honored to have had him as a guest star two summers ago at the last Newburgh Jewish Music Festival. He is without doubt one of the greats of our generation. Not to be missed! With love of Israel,
Rabbi Baruch Binyamin Hakohen Melman

Ruby Harris' "Almost Home" consists of eight self penned compositions and tracks originally by Muddy, Chuck, Little Walter and even a Hendrix influenced number. Besides the stunning electric violin by Ruby himself other guests include Pinetop Perkins, Sugar Blue, Lester Davenport and Little Mack Simmons among others
Blues Freepress

Your playing was wonderful :-) Have the best Purim , Holy Brother, Love
Neshama (Carlebach)

Joe and I and our families had a wonderful time, and everyone else who was there tells us it was a great wedding too - but then again, what else would they tell us?!
Joe & Deena Newlander - Bride/Groom

I want to tell Ruby how wonderful it was to hear you play. Such energy and talent.
Geoffrey Menin

There are no real words to express how grateful & honored I was to have you perform at the Concert of Miracles. You brought so much joy & positive energy...the guests appeared to enjoy & appreciate your special music & talent. Baruch Hashem! Thank you again for all your hard work, devotion & mitzvah with helping the victims of terror.
Laura-Chana Leah VAT

You are fantastic!... your playing touches my heart on a real soul level... every time I hear you it's amazing...You saved my whole recording! Thank you my dear Ruby!
Mary-Jo Romero - Rockabilly artist

The party was great fun. You sounded great and everyone commented how you got off!
Steve Wolf - Producer

(regarding) Life to Your Soul by Oneg Shemesh...While the music is pleasant in general, something really special is added by the presence of Ruby Harris on violin and mandolin.
OU/NCSY Web page

HankFest was a resounding success in every way. You played magnificently and added immeasurably to the evening. It was a privilege to share a stage with you.
Scott Wills

Thanks for your help with our music. It really sounds great in the mix and adds a professional sound to the song. It's also a feather in our cap to have a musician of your talent featured on our CD. Thanks once again. with blessings,
David - Even Sh'Siyah

Glad you like the jazmer CD. I think you played and sang with great energy and love. Shalom
Don Jacobs - virtuoso

We really enjoyed the Peter Yarrow show. You were great. Nice band, too. My wife, aunt, uncle and cousin were all duly impressed.
Mando Dave - Lawyer and Mandolinist

Ever since discovering my mother's Diaspora Yeshiva Band LPs, I have been a big fan of your music. I was pleasantly surprised recently when you played with Piamenta at Yeshiva University.
Eli Feldblum

Thank you for tonight's lesson. I think Liam really likes you; he didn't want to go home. Also, I could see that he benefited directly from your instruction.
Joshua R. Samos - Professor, Truman College

Thanks so much for sending in your CD. I'm a musician too and can appreciate how much effort went into your production.
Please know that I've listened to your music and enjoyed it very much. If we end up using it on All Things Considered, we'll let you know.
Robin Hilton - Producer, NPR's All Songs Considered

I feel fortunate to have you playing with us and to have you as a friend.
Larry (Robinson, WDCB)

(re: "Almost Home" CD)...It's very beautiful and interesting both from an artistic and cultural standpoint. We will encourage our members to listen to it.
Riccardo Pecoraro - Ufficio Cultura, Citta di Capri, ITALIA

Hey I heard your Irish influx in the Horas you played last night (also a little bluegrass-it was fabulous). My client thought you were wonderful: "the best I've ever seen!" They thought I was so wonderful for having gotten you! :) It was great fun and I was happy to hang with you a little bit. Your fiddle sounded great!!! Can't wait to do it again!
Lynne Jordan - Diva

As if I'm worthy to jam with you...You are way out of my league, but I hope to catch one of your shows soon. Peace,
Anne Harris - rock star

We were just listening to your BLUES CD in the car, and it's truly fantastic. Incredible Blues violin playing ! The more I listen, the more I can appreciate the work that went into it and the talent that you assembled.
Peter Friedman - Miami Activist

Finally the answer to my prayers!! My CD Changer inevitably has only Blues music and Carlebach, so it's good to see someone out there playing blues with "neshama".
Avraham ben Tzvi - WTC Survivor

Yes, I have Steve Arvey's CD. Your collaboration with him is my favorite thing on it.
Scott Dirks - WXRT DJ

I believe your Almost Home album is a stroke of Jewish genius. As an old Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley fan its an unbelievable event in my life to connect to the mourning for the Bes Hamikdash(Broken Glass) in the medium of Blues. And "Pour that Water" unbelievable! Could we play that in the Third Temple please? Will the Rabbis allow it? Shlomo probably would! May Hashem grant you further success in using your talents for Avodas Hashem.
Lazer Gartner - NY DJ

I've been enjoying your music very much. I like the diversity that you have demonstrated so well, and there seems to be very few violin players that play blues. It seems most violin players head toward Jazz, but, to me, there is nothing quite like down and dirty blues.
Glenn Reinhart

AWESOME!!!! When can we see a pure Ruby Harris performance in his solo glorious lonesome? Would love to see you on the same bill as Yitzchok Halevi band
Yehuda Block - NCSY Executive

Love your stuff... ever since Diaspora! Have you ever done anything with Andy Statman? If yes, THAT would be something to get hold of!
Elie Estrin

Thanks for playing at the wedding. People really liked the Skver Dance.Take care.
Avraham Rosenblum - Diaspora Yeshiva Band

Did you know that you were specifically complimented in a review of the Oneg Shemesh CD last year? ... something really special is added by the presence of Ruby Harris on violin and mandolin. Those touches help make the CD.
J. Abramowitz - NCSY Executive

Thanks to all who shared N.Y.E. with us especially Mr. BLOTTO for having us open for them. What a great time! Our latest CD "Tales from Magic Stone Mountain" with special guest star Ruby Harris has rated in the Top 5 Albums of 2003 by Richard Milne, host of 93.1 WXRT's Local Anesthetic music show.