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Sidney Friedman
“The Musical Mentalist”


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Technical Requirements are simple and adaptable. Please inquire.

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As seen on numerous TV shows such as the TODAY SHOW, THE VIEW and 20/20, internationally acclaimed "musical mentalist" SIDNEY FRIEDMAN can be at your event to make it beyond EPIC.
Sidney is the world's only musical mentalist. Combining his world-class piano and guitar skills with his telepathic ability, you can think of a random song and Sidney will then intuitively sense the tune on your mind and play it on the piano!! Yes, that's true, and no one else can accomplish this feat. It is startling.

In addition, his interactive show includes a variety of extrasensory feats and intuitive psychological mind games that go beyond mind power skills. Each show is customized and scripted to include your message and objective in a fun, inspiring display of what the mind can accomplish.

His totally wowed clients include American Express, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Saputo Cheese, Kraft Foods, Quaker Oats, BMO Harris Bank, Bartlit Beck, Pepsico, Hedeker Wealth Management, Jewish Federation, Chabad, Express Carriers Association, Attunity, Luxury Portfolio, United Air Lines, and hundreds more.

"mentalist to the stars"

"We love Sidney!"
- Hoda Kotb, TODAY SHOW

"Sidney hit the ball out of the park! His message perfectly aligned with our theme, and working with him and his assistant was a true pleasure from start to finish. If you want a true AHA moment at your next event, I would strongly recommend you choose Sidney!"
— Keith James, CTC, AMERICAN EXPRESS Global Business Travel

"Sidney is most likely the best mentalist in the world."

"Wow! Amazing! I'm speechless."
Dick Clark, NBC-TV

"All six times I saw you, you were amazing!"
Vicky Stencel
Kraft Foods

"I'm impressed. I'm impressed. We've had a lot of charlatans on this show before, but you're the only (psychic) I believe."
Star Jones
The View, ABC-TV

"Awesome! Awesome! Freaked me out. Very cool!"
Scottie Pippen
NBA star

"Our people were (and still are) spellbound by your feats. You absolutely captivated your entire McDonald's audience."

Win Christiansen, Senior VP
McDonald's Corp.

"Top Talent!"

"Friedman will blow your mind!"

"Mentalist to the stars, Friedman is the master of all things psychic."

[ Technical Requirements are simple and adaptable. Please inquire.
| Receive more info about booking "Sidney Friedman " for your event! | Evaluation Form]