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Live animal presentations, displays, and mini petting zoos


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Welcome to Animal Quest.

We love to see the smiles on your faces, child and adult alike, at the majesty of the animal kingdom during the show. We are experienced in delivering fun, exciting, and informative animal presentations for the entire age spectrum. We do interactive and exciting shows, or, if you like, our animal trainers can simply walk around your party or event with animals and do more personal, miniature "trainer talk" presentations as they walk amongst your guests with live animals, offering casual presentations on the animals and answering your guests' questions. For all educators out there, our classroom-friendly presentations are easily adapted to your lesson plan for compliance with the ISBE — just let us know where you're at, and we've got your back.

We are very hands on and our animals are used to being handled – therefore we encourage you to get up close and touch our animals!

Schools, Group Shows, Libraries,
Senior Homes and Daycare Centers

45 minute interactive presentation with 10 animals