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Brazilian Soul


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Arthur Lipner is one of the leading vibes and marimba voices of today. As a soloist and bandleader Lipner has performed and taught in more than 25 countries. He premiered his concerto "Mallet Fantasia" with the National Symphony of Brazil. Arthur is a consummate performer and instructor presenting workshops and master classes at Julliard, Yale, Royal College in the UK.. He has also authored two widely-adopted method books for percussion and improvisation. Arthur's four mallets zoom up and down the keyboard, showing how virtuosity can meet musicality. The visual aspect of his playing in all his ensembles engages the audiences' eyes, ears and brains simultaneously.

“From the depths of my heart I thank you, Arthur.  You do great things for people.” — Mtro. Rodolfo Reyes Cortes, Coordinator of Artistic Events, Chiapas, Mexico

“Arthur Lipner wields his mallets as if they were extra limbs...” -- Billboard Magazine

“I’d like to think Vibraphone and marimba are entering into a much-belated renaissance...Arthur Lipner occupies a prominent role in the foregrounding of those instruments in jazz and popular music...” – (London)

Brazilian Music Soul (acoustic trio w/ vocals)

Brazilian Music Soul is a highly unique trio performing a mixture of Brazilian music, from classic Samba & Bossa Nova to unusual rhythms. This band played at NYC's BB King's every Sunday during the Spring/Summer 2015. Their uniqueness derives from their unusual instrumentation: Guitar/Berimbau, Vibes/Marimba, and Vocals/Percussion. Perfect for anything from concert mainstages to on-campus World Arts Festivals, the two lead vocalists deliver with virtuosic performance and engaging charm. After their set, Brazilian Music Soul will invite people onstage to join them in the Samba party. This is shown at the end of their video.

Their Educational Assembly Program involves explaining geographical and historical information about the rhythms of each song. The instrumentation of the trio is demonstrated and explained with the folkloric Brazilian instrument berimbau. Consisting of a wooden stick, resonating gourd, and one string played with a small stone, berimbau is a wonderful example simple natural materials and sounds. The beautiful melodies Carlos Dias plays and sings with will create lasting memories! Arthur's marimba is a strikingly beautiful instrument. Vocalist Vanessa Fallabela, coming from a long line of well-known Brazilian musicians and actresses, began singing on tv/radio commercials as young child. Together their special chemistry is obvious from the first song.

(Coming Soon) Brasilian Music Soul video: Watch the Video Here!

"Arthur Lipner and Brasilian Music Soul is a magical experience to behold. The audience becomes transfixed with curiosity and wonder... their joy is fast acting and contagious." - Griffin Brady, Founder/Director Slyfest, NY (Sept. '15 show)

"Arthur and his group were great. Not only was their musical performance and education fun and informative, but I also appreciated their audience interaction and overall flexibility." - V.A., Int'l Student Affairs, Vincennes Univ. Vincennes, IN (Oct. '15 show)

Brasilian Vibes (7-piece band w/ vocals)

Brasilian Vibes is a big groove & big energy band! Watch the video below and you'll see! With three lead vocalists, a full rhythm section, and Arthur Lipner's vibes/marimba, this group can perform a sit-down concert or have people up and dancing with feel-good vibes. The band's blend of Classic Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazilian funk touches audiences of all ages. After their show, Brasilian Vibes can make their way into the crowd with their instrument and start a Samba party! They'll stay in the crowd for a bit, spreading the joyful fun energy of Brazilian rhythms and melodies. The audience will enjoy this togetherness with the artists, and leave the venue with a stronger sense of community. This is shown at the end of their videos.

Brazilian Vibes and it's various formations played, in 2015 at: Levittt Pavilion (CT), Pompano jazz Festival (FL), Sounds of Brazil (NYC) and more.

"DELIGHTFUL and UPLIFTING!" - Freda Welsh, Executive Director, Levitt Pavillion Westport CT (2015 show)

Brasilian Vibes 2 min Demo video: Watch the Video Here!

Brasilian Vibes 8 min Demo video: Watch the Video Here!

The Caribbean Cruisers (Steel band w/ vocals, flexible instrumentation)

This NYC-based Steel band is NYC's #1 call for live Calypso/Reggae dance music. In 2015 they played on ABC's "The View" (see video below), and in 2014 Arthur recorded steel drums for the United Airlines In-Flight Safety Video. Over their 20-year career they have performed at 2000+ private and corporate events, from the NYC area to the Royal Palace in Morocco for companies such as American Express, IBM, Sports Illustrated, Museum Of Modern Art, non-profits Americares and American Heart Association, and hundreds more. Basic 5-piece formation can be supplemented with additional instruments and vocalists.

Caribbean Cruisers party band feat. Marimba Man video: Watch the Video Here!

The Caribbean Cruisers* on ABC's The View video: Watch the Video Here!

Talking Sticks Documentary (Screening/Q&A/Mini concert)

"Beautiful music, scenery, stories and insights. A film for the music aficionado, traveler and memoir lover."
- Wilmington (DE) Int'l Film Festival

Talking Sticks is a one-hour documentary filmed in Ghana, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Iceland and USA. The film tells the untold story of marimba and vibraphone. Their history, relationship to music and cultures, and manufacturing are all explored in-depth through location footage and interviews. Arthur is the journeyperson in the film. Along the way, he plays a stone marimba in rural Iceland, in the streets of Rio De Janeiro during Carnival, makes an ice xylophone high on the mountains of Norway, and much more. A compelling personal documentary packed with information and performances, Talking Sticks has already entertained and inspired many audiences prior to its formal 2016 release.

With Lipner present at the screening, audiences are guaranteed to be touched and moved by the Talking Sticks messages about creativity and the drive of the human spirit. A mini-concert (up to 45mins) is the perfect way to cap off an unusual, informative and entertaining evening. Perfect for film & lectures series at libraries, schools and more.