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Bichini Bia Congo
Authentic Congolese Dance and Drum


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Bichini Bia Congo (BBC) is an authentic Congolese dance company founded by our Artistic Director and Brazzaville, Congo native Jean-Claude Biza (Sompa). As performers we introduce our audiences to Congolese tradition and culture through music, song and dance to promote African cultural awareness and celebrate the connections between Africa and the world's people, culture and history.

Thus, the goal of BBC is to...

1) encourage audiences to identify the common aspects of culture that unify us all
2) heighten their awareness and expand their knowledge and
3) allow the opportunity for an appreciation of African culture to develop.

African traditions are communicated through dance, music, song, and drum. These art forms embody the value concepts and social philosophies of the Congolese people: man's harmony with God and nature, group unity, and the celebration of life.

To this end, the members of Bichini Bia Congo are trained in the technical and aesthetic elements of Congolese dancing, singing, instrumentation, and drumming, resulting in high-energy performances that provide complete musical entertainment experiences. Described as Ann Arbor's "phenomenal cultural 'shot' in the arm!", Bichini Bia Congo offers unique opportunities for audiences to encounter African cultural performing arts at its best, specializing in dance workshops, drumming and instrumentation classes, dance theater productions, school performances, cultural festivals, library demonstrations and much more!

We believe that dance is not a spectator sport, but encompasses the energy and chemistry of the community (audience); therefore, no matter what the performance type, we find a way to get the audience up and moving, clapping and dancing along with us to create a "village" experience.

In 2013, Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater celebrated 34 years of ar4s4c excellence. Since inception, Bichini Bia Congo has become recognized as a powerful dance theater company and a major cultural influence in the mid-west and beyond.

Matondo (Thank you)!
Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater Company.