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Brad Weston
Theatrical Thrill Ride


Brad Weston Half Time Show
(7 mins, 16MB)

Brad Weston Promo Video
[4.5 mins, 14 MB]

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The Brad Weston experience is a fast paced theatrical thrill ride through juggling, escape artistry, balancing, lasso spinning and visual effects. World class comedian Brad Weston will not only walk barefoot on the edge of a sword, but juggle swords at the same time (as seen on the Tonite Show with Jay Leno and Ripley’s Believe it or Not)! Whether it’s juggling chain saws, fire, bowling balls, or performing his escape artist routine on a unicycle, his sophisticated physical comedy and quirky style will go straight to the hearts and funny bones of everyone in the audience.

Brad holds the Guinness World Record for Fire Eating – the greatest number of torches on the planet!

Walk around performances as Charlie Chaplin or Harpo Marx or stilt walking with any of Brad’s hundreds of costumes are available for festivals and special events of all kinds.


"Even though it threatened to rain, he held the audience spellbound."

Steve Weber, Director
Railroad Days
West Chicago, IL

"Brad Weston is a big event all by himself."

David Letterman
CBS Television
New York, NY

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