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Brad Weston
Theatrical Thrill Ride


Brad Weston Half Time Show
(7 mins, 16MB)

Brad Weston Promo Video
[4.5 mins, 14 MB]

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Travel through America’s Wild Wild West with lasso spinning, whip cracking, magic, juggling, comedy and Brad’s animated participatory story telling, puppetry and more.


Brad’s ‘Crossing the Prairie’ program is a fun-filled, fast paced look at an imprtant period of American history. Learn the how’s and why’s of America’s migration west. History comes alive with participatory singing and laughing to stories, animated comedy, and a lasso spinning demonstration and more.


Other programs include:

“The Fool’s Journey” – a look at Renaissance life through the eyes of a court jester as he sets the goals needed to reach his dreams.

“The History of the Circus” – Learn about different forms of theater and gain an understanding of the function of stage makeup, costuming, lighting, sound and other behind the scenes elements of Circus Life.

“The Brad Weston Experience” – A spectacular comedy juggling unicycle show.

Strolling performances on stilts are also available.

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