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Bungee Jumpers
Jump Rope Team


Bungee Jumpers Highlights Video
[4 minutes]


Bungee Jumpers Promo Video
[2.5 minutes]



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The “Bungee Jumpers” Jump Rope team is based in Doylestown, PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia. The Bungee Jumpers are a performance based jump rope team that travels around the country to perform in front of crowds of all sizes. They specialize in school assemblies, basketball halftime shows, and large community events. The team is coached by Justin Pillmore(Bensalem School District Physical Education Teacher) and they have been in existence and performing since 2008.

The team started at Groveland Elementary School in Doylestown, PA while Pillmore was teaching there. The team performed under the Groveland name for 3 years until it transformed into a community based jump rope team which allowed other children from around the area to participate in 2011. A year later, in 2012, the Bungee Jumpers created two teams with 13 kids on each team. In 2014, the Bungee Jumpers took a leap(pun intended) and created a third team.

Where Have We Been?
Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia Wings
Philadelphia Kixx
Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs AAA Basketball
Villanova University Basketball
Drexel University Basketball
Princeton University Basketball
CB East High School
CB West High School
CB South High School
Souderton High School
Montgomery County All Star Football Game
Memorial Day Parade (Doylestown)
Buckingham Elementary School
Cold Spring Elementary
Groveland Elementary School
Bridge Valley Elementary School
Warwick Elementary School
Doyle Elementary Girl Scout Troops
Local Summer Camps
Pine Run Community Senior Center
NBC 10 Philadelphia

 "The jump ropers performed at halftime of our basketball game and the fans cheered louder for them than the game itself!"
John Reading - CB East High School Athletic Director

"At the start of every basketball season I get asked by our fans... 'when are the jump ropers performing this year?' The Bungee Jumpers do such an amazing job during their performance that the basketball teams and referees usually come out of the locker room early to watch the half-time show."
Sean Kelley - CB West High School Athletic Director

"You and your kids have a standing invitation to return to Penn Central MS each year! Children really are our best teachers in so many ways. Your kids' assembly performance was a wonderful testimony to what it takes to achieve 'excellence' - it's about the time devoted to skill development, dedication, and teamwork. These are lessons that transfer to the classroom and beyond."
Dr. Tom Rutter - Principal Penn Central Middle School

"Your young performers were fabulous. Each jump was more impressive than the next. We did not know exactly what to expect and we were "wowed". Our fans were on their feet and clapping to the music the entire time. Thank you so much for coming and making the fan experience exceptional! Even our basketball coaches who were in the locker room during half time got wind of the performance and said their families and friends were asking for more!"
Jaclyn D'Olio - Drexel University Athletics Marketing