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Two Workshop Options Are Available:

1. Introduction to the different sounds and phonics used in beat boxing basics:

  • Techniques involved include: breath support
  • Tongue, lip and jaw placement,
  • Rhythmic exercises
  • Practice patterns
  • Developing a kick drum, snare and hi hat.
  • Tom fills and cymbal crashes
  • How to practice and what to practice with

Main topic points covered - beyond spitting in rhythm include:

  • CREATE: how to brainstorm ideas and increase variety of ideas
  • INNOVATE: making ideas come to life //
    Integrating technology, beat triggered lighting, frequency manipulation and utilizing special audio effects and gear
  • LIVE LOOPING: a quick tutorial of how to!
  • GROWTH MINDSET: Asking others who are specialists for help. Seeing failures as a moment of learning, not as a failure forever. THE POWER OF YET. Discusses learning and growing from mistakes and not getting frustrated.

This workshop is taught by Brian Skinner, leader of The Cat's Pajamas

2. The Cat's Pajamas - 2-3 person online a cappella session: In this interactive 30-45 minute zoom (or other tele conferencing program) 3 members of The Cat's Pajamas who will cover everything it takes to make (or be a part of) a successful a cappella group.

If the room can be darkened Cat's  Pajamas will add an exciting Glow segment into any show"
Click here to see an example!

Tips and tricks from acapella industry professionals.

  • The Cat's Pajamas have been a nationally touring professional a cappella group for the past 15 years. They've appeared on America's Got Talent, NBC's the sing-off and recently on PBS's Doo-Wop Generations.
  • Were hand picked by Andy Williams himself to headline his Christmas Spectacular at his theatre in Branson, MO.. . featured guest entertainers on board cruise ships: Disney, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean.
  • Recently voted "audience's favorite" at the 2019 Moscow International A cappella Festival.
  • Discuss and give advice on topics such as: song selection to warm-ups, vocal instrumentation, and blending, how to arrange, record and even how to collaborate remotely on line and sing with your friends digitally.
  • Benefits of using pitch reference and metronomes in rehearsals.
  • Emphasize: Practice, practice, practice, makes perfect.
  • they offer tips, techniques and encouragement inspiring your choral students how to start or participate in an a cappella ensemble. . .whether it's a quartet, or group of 50!.
  • Discuss our individual paths and performance from high school to college to auditions to professional shows we've all been in.
  • Time for Q/A from teachers and students.
  • Will provide digital sheet music to one of The Cat's Pajamas' songs will be shared, along with learning tracks (.mp3) for students to learn a section of one of our pop songs.
  • We will guide the students through how to record remotely with a group of their 4 other friends through an a cappella app.