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cody fisher
Magic & Comedy


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Close Up Magic

One of the most important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure your guests start having fun right away; minutes after they arrive. This is where Cody’s award winning close up magic comes into play. This style of performance entertains everyone who wants to be entertained, a few people at a time. This is perfect for any type of event where the entertainment should not distract from the main event. Cody will delight your guests with award-winning sleight of hand and lighthearted repartee without disrupting private conversations or other activities.

As an event planner, you will be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their very own 5 to 10 minute high-energy ‘mini show’. Your guests will be delighted as cards, coins, and other objects seem to come to life in Cody’s hands. This is magic in its purest form as these miracles will unfold inches away from your guests.

This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of entertainment is perfect for holiday parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, corporate socials, or as before or after dinner entertainment. Cody is able to create ‘magical moments’ so that each person that is involved feels very special. This is magic in its most intimate form and will leave the lasting impression you desire.

Comedy Magic Show

This is Cody's one man stand-up comedy magic show. Cody has performed this material in over 20 countries worldwide. It fits just about every situation and is perfect for audiences of all sizes. This fast-paced show uniquely combines hilarious stand up comedy with mind boggling magic in Cody's very unique style. This is definitely NOT the same old stuff you've seen before! ​ If you want to make your next event something to remember, you can count on your people loving the interactive comedy and magic of Cody Fisher. With his feel good audience friendly approach, Cody has the unique ability to connect with any type of audience. More importantly, his corporate friendly program will make YOU (the event planner) look like a winner for pleasing everybody in your group.

So what exactly will your guests see? Here's a small taste:

• Interactive Physical Comedy (The Human Pretzel)

• Elegant Sleight Of Hand (The Silk Explosion)

• Hilarious Mind Reading (Comedy Confabulation)

• The World's Most Dangerous Card Trick (A Deck of Cards / An Audience Volunteer / A Snake)

• Cody's Original Asylum Escape (An Ode To Harry Houdini)

• World Famous $100 Bill Trick (Your Group Will NEVER Forget This)

• Sweet Dreams Rope Routine (Three Ropes / Three Volunteers / Not A Dry Seat In The House!)

• The Stupidest Trick In The World (Cody Teaches Everyone In The Audience A Trick…Almost!)

Professional Entertainer

Cody Fisher is one of the most in demand corporate entertainers in the world today! His unique blend of comedy mixed with mind blowing magic has taken him all across the United States and over 20 countries worldwide.

After completing multiple science degrees in biology and chemistry from The University Of Texas, Cody decided to pursue a PhD. in biochemistry. After several years of graduate teaching and research in the field of protein crystallography, Cody made an amazing discovery; he wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of a full time career in the entertainment industry! From biochemistry to "biocomedy"; Cody is now a certified laughologist!
Over the years he has won numerous national and international awards for magic, launched his own product line of magical creations, and has even authored several books and DVD's on the art of magic. He continues to perform and lecture internationally teaching his very unique style of magic to magicians all over the world.

Cody's extensive performance résumé includes TV appearances, radio, trade shows, corporate events, comedy clubs, and theatres throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. Over the years he has become "a favorite" with Hollywood celebrities and fortune 500 companies. By combining comedy, magic, and lots of audience participation, he is able to form a special bond with his audience. He has the exceptional ability to "break the ice" and allow everyone to enjoy themselves during his show. His comic delivery coupled with his endearing personality makes him one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the world today.

When Cody is not out amazing audiences he is using his science education combined with magic to help others. Along with his wife Debbie, an Occupational Therapist (And Certified Hand Therapist / CHT), they have developed a unique program that uses "sleight of hand" magic as a form of therapy. Together they lecture at medical colleges, hospitals, and clinics all over the U.S.

Finally, life just wouldn't be complete without their three boys Ashton, Ayden, & Alex. These guys are absolutely wonderful and definitely keep dad on the run!

"Cody, thanks for once again providing the magical entertainment for our Halloween party! The entertainment package you put together for us was EXCELLENT. Your entertainment services were very professional and I would definitely recommend you to others. I received VERY positive feedback…everyone had a great time and loved the magic!"
Jeane Dodson, Dell Computer

"Cody, your customized 'Magic Of Art & Time' program was definitely the highlight of our event! Your presentations were VERY clever and entertaining. You seem to have a natural rapport with your audiences. I think everyone had the "time of their lives". Thanks so much!"
Kimberly Theel, Blanton Museum Of Art / The University Of Texas At Austin