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Enviro Drum
Percussive Music with Recyclable Products


Enviro Drum at Bethesday
Blues & Jazz Supper Club

[8 minutes]


Enviro Drum Live at Goucher
Summer Arts Institute Video

[2 minutes]


Enviro Drum Cha Cha Cha Video
[1 minute]


Enviro Drum 6-8 Piece Video
[1 minute]


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ENVIRO DRUM-Maryland is a franchise of the hugely successful original Enviro Drum show created and led by Jeff Salem in Ontario, Canada. The group emphasizes the Three R's of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by performing all percussion parts on reused household items and on various sorts of recycle bins. The show emphasizes an environmental message with scientific and environmental facts and figures.

The show is wonderful for such diverse groups as schools, special corporate events, outside festivals, civic activities, and more!

What do students and teachers say about ENVIRO DRUM- Maryland shows?

Here is a sampling of how the kids responded when asked to describe Enviro Drum...

"Awesome", "Amazing","Cool", "fun", "incredible","spectacular", "Number 1 show ever!" "I loved it", "loved all the music" "great!"

They answered this statement...I liked it when:

"My friends went up there to play"

"Great to see how fast they made a shaker with the popcorn in the bottle"

"Fun game to throw the recycling in the container with the music playing"

"It was funny when Wes got bopped on the head"

"Liked it when the basketball bounced making a beat"

"I loved it when the teachers danced, especially when the music teacher took the boom-whacker and danced around"

One last comment from one of our pre-school teachers:
"The children were drawing on a project, when some of them started humming and then singing: We will we will recycle, recycle"