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Spectacles of Fire and Dance


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Fandazzi Fire Circus has been performing highly choreographed shows for more than 12 years, entertaining audiences from all walks of life. Fandazzi prides themselves on being able to capture the attention and awe of a full spectrum of people from 2 -102. Performances feature one of a kind, dance and music routines custom formatted to fit any event and budget.

Guinness World Record Holding Fandazzi Fire Performs Spectacles of Fire and Dance to Audiences of all Ages in Minnesota and throughout the Nation.

Fandazzi Fire is highly recognized for it's fire breathing skills. Fandazzi is known in Minnesota and the Midwest for pushing the boundaries of fire breathing and fire skills to present a unique performance that is entertaining to audiences of all ages

Every Fire Performance presented by Fandazzi Fire is one of a kind. The audience is the number one concern and the center of each performance that Fandazzi presents. Each performance is tailor made to suit the event, venue and desires of the client.

Fandazzi is proud to call Minnesota home. Fandazzi has been performing in Minnesota since the beginning of the century and has been consistently recognized for bringing MORE FIRE and more creativity to the stage each year.

Every show that Fandazzi performs is 100% choreographed. We believe that to provide the most professional and entertaining fire performance that every second of the performance must be planned and prepared prior to the performance. It is attention to detail that has allowed Fandazzi to perform hundreds of shows each year in dozens of venues without a single safety incident.


Fandazzi Fire Circus which is known for "MORE FIRE" has been performing highly choreographed shows for over 12 years with a sole purpose of entertaining audiences from all walks of life. Fandazzi prides themselves on being able to capture the attention and entertain a full spectrum of audience members from ages 2-102.

Performances feature, one of a kind, dance and music routines custom formatted to fit every event and budget. Performances often utilize the skill of Bret Pasek ; the Fastest Fire Eater in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records


Adam Solko commands the stage with a finesse that comes with nearly a decade of performing. This, in conjunction with experience from working in the medical field, has enabled him to push the boundaries of fire performance and create a show like no other. Adam has performed in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and all along the East Coast. As the Physical Therapy Neuroscience Specialist at Regions Hospital Rehabilitation Institute, Adam's client-centered approach has set him apart as a leader in his field. His reputation has built relationships and invitations to speak at Healthpartners, HealthEast, Tria, Park Nicolett, The University of Minnesota and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota.

Adam's skill as a performer has allowed him the opportunity to perform in arenas of thousands as well as in intimate gathers. His focused attention to detail has set the base for the direction the Fandazzi Fire shows. He is not only a performer, but also the artistic director and prop master of the group. Building each prop from scratch, Adam has an understanding of the mechanics each prop possesses, allowing him to push each performer and prop to create a visual feast of each audience member.


Bret "theAxe" possesses a natural aptitude for handling fire. His ability to understand the partnership of body and flame was instrumental in earning the title of the Fastest Fire Eater in the World. He is featured in the Guinness World Record for eating 99 torches in one minute. Bret has performed in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida, as well as numerous venues in downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Bret's creative approach to fire comes from an "out-of-the-box" perception of the relationship between fire and body. Without formal training in the art of fire, acting, or body mechanics, he has become an exceptional performing artist through self-teaching, dedication, and extreme discipline. Through trial-and-error he learned the ins and outs of fire performance. His prowess for the fire arts, joined with his experience as a Latin dancer, earned Bret the position of assistant choreographer of the group.

Due to his unique perspective and concern for fire safety, Bret was appointed the "incident commander" of Fandazzi Fire. He has implemented safety practices and policies within the group that have ensured that the group has never had a fire-related injury or incident, allowing the members of Fandazzi to present a one-of-a-kind presentation of fire and dance that is safe for audience members and performers alike.


Katy illuminates the stage with grace and poise. She has extensive training in hula, tap, and modern dance. It is her experience and background in the performing arts that enables Fandazzi Fire to perform a dynamic and engaging show that appeals to audiences of all ages. Katy has experience on and behind the stage, working as a performer, spot operator, and sound and light tech since a young age.

Her ability to breakdown movements and music into their individual components has earned her the title as lead choreographer. With her at the helm of creative design for Fandazzi, the group has developed and performed more than 100 unique and inspired dances for audiences across the nation.


Theresa loves the story-telling aspect of being a performer, and works diligently to create a unique experience for the audience through movement and fire each time she steps onto the stage.

She has a dynamic theater and performance background, and has enjoyed being a part of the performing arts community since childhood. She is particularly passionate about fire dancing, singing, and costuming.

Theresa has grown as both a dancer and fire artist throughout her tenure with Fandazzi. It was through Fandazzi that she first discovered her abilities as a fire artist, and over the years she has enjoyed adding new and more challenging props, pairings, and choreography to her repertoire.

Raederle Sterling

Raederle Sterling has been with Fandazzi since the very beginning. She has been performing her entire life and started working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival at the age of about 3 weeks old. She has taken on a number of roles, but found her true home dancing with fire. Raederle is a trained dancer, percussionist, and martial artist. She has been trained in a wide range of arts; including such dance styles as Scottish dance, tribal fusion, musical theater, and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Raederle graduated with degrees in Theater, Dance, and English. She currently teaches English to inner city high school students, and works very hard to integrate the arts into her work. Raederle is married to a fellow performer/IT guy, and together they have two children who are already showing signs of having the artist bug.

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