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Francis Menotti
Magic! Mind Reading! Lecture!


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Francis Menotti captivates and charms audiences of all ages with original and unforgettable magic. A full time professional since 2000, his career has brought him all across the U.S., to Paris, London, and Stockholm, Sweden. He is a frequent performer at New York’s longest running magic show, Monday Night Magic, as well as the famed Hollywood Magic Castle. Francis was also honored to perform for President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Audiences leave with lasting memories of not just stunning magic, but uniquely tailored presentations. Whether headlining for conventions onstage in Las Vegas, for a group of young people at camps, schools, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc. or strolling close-up magic, Francis artfully blends his experience in the performing arts, his education in psychology, and over 25 years practicing sleight-of-hand. Besides creating magic for his own audiences, Francis invents, writes, and teaches for fellow magicians. This past fall, Menotti’s creativity themed lecture, toured across England. He is headed to Italy this coming May to do the same. Francis also writes for the industry’s internationally top-selling, MAGIC Magazine as a product reviewer.

A visionary, Frances believes in the art form’s potential to playfully challenge the world’s assumptions about what can’t be done. Francis strives to help spark your curiosity, jumpstart your imagination, and reveal its power to transform your dreams into reality. He lives this concept by example, because Francis Menotti is just a guy who is following his dreams.

"Francis Menotti... the future of magic."
Teller (of Penn & Teller)

"Very clever stuff!"
Steve Martin

Frances Menotti Lecturer:

"Francis Menotti is one of those rare individuals that makes magic magical." - Rick Maue Join Francis Menotti as he teaches, entertains and provokes you into realizing that you are capable of inventing new ideas and ways of performing your magic. This is not a "theory" lecture to bore the crowd with vague conceptual ideas on "being creative." Nor is it a dealer demo or "trick-a-minute" lecture that barrages the magicians with too much material that they'll never use. Rather, Francis takes a "live-by-example" approach to teaching magical creativity.

In the just-over-two-hour lecture, the effects that Francis teaches range in difficulty from "very easy" to "significant skill required," so there is something for all levels of magical proficiency. And, for those interested, there are a variety of products for sale, as well.

From giving lectures and performances at "MAGIC-Live," the Hollywood Magic Castle, Monday Night Magic, Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar, London's International Magic Convention and Paris' "Doublefond," Francis has captured the attention and respect of Banachek, Max Maven, Eric Mead, Michael Weber, Dominique Duvivier, Gaetan Bloom, Jamy Ian Swiss and Teller.

Perhaps best known for his linguistic trick, "Exdislycally Shunuffled" or for his irreverent parody of Max Maven's color series, entitled "PRISN- The Off-Color Series of Mentalism," Francis shares his inspiration for these and other original material, and teaches how to engage an audience to create lasting, memorable magic.

"I never cease to be amazed by Francis Menotti's creativity. His lectures are like going on a journey through his more than slightly warped mind. You will see and learn some great magic, but you will also learn about how Francis thinks. I guarantee that you will come away from his lecture with a different way of looking at magic that can only enhance your own creativity and performances."
Marc DeSouza

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