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Harlem Hoopsters
Hip Hoopin’ Freestyle


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With “Hoopin’” talent that will blow your socks off, players such as Pat D’Rock, Darryl ‘High Rise’ Owens, Jesse 'Snake' Muench and other players have appeared in a number of Nike® commercials, numerous video games, And One® tours, to name only a few.

This dynamic group of talented show basketball players perform at numerous NBA and College half time shows, camps, festivals, schools and tours worldwide. Shows consisting of one to three players will astound your audience with trick basketball skills, hip-hop routines to music and lots of audience participation.

“Their performance drew the biggest crowds of the entire festival. We thought the show was going to be a hit, but little did we know it would draw people from everywhere in the park whenever they performed.”

Rockey Johnston, Coordinator
Jubilee City Fest, Montgomery, AL

“Thank you for bringing the boys to us for the second time this season. Once again, they did an amazing job!.”

NBA Toronto Raptors
Toronto, Canada



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