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Skinny German Juggling Boy


Hilby Promo Video
[6 minutes]


Hilby in the New York Times!


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Hilby creates unforgettable moments for his audiences with such death-defying feats as The New Schrubber Schrubb Schrubb of Doom, in which he juggles an electric powered hedge trimmer, a bowling ball and a flaming beanie baby. Working in the tradition of the legendary silent vaudeville-inspired comedians such as Buster Keaton as well as the great mimes Marcel Marceau and Lecoq, Hilby presents a show without boundaries in which artistry and anarchy are blended into utter hilarity.

Best described as a show without boundaries, Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn’t mean you can not be funny. While being an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects as well as countless circus and variety skills (such as Unicycling, ropewalking, unsupported ladder, fire manipulations and eating, balancing stunts and the list goes on and on), he really gets his audience involved and creates magical and hiliraious moments through their participation. Watch out for catapults, marshmalows, lots of velcro and the bowling-ball of terror.

Hilby has training in modern dance and mime and his body is as expressive as the spoken words he speaks. Poetry in motion, the long and short of it is that you will love this Skinny German Juggle Boy!

What a wild ride it's been! From boy scout cookie fund raiser to solo performance on cruise ships, Hilby has over time established a complete show and name for himself, with many repeat customers. It has always been a wonderful experience (well, almost always) with many beautiful people and experiences along the way.

As Hilby says, "See you out there somewhere! Just remember to keep breezing rhyzmically."

"As always the show proved to be very popular with the 15,000 plus children and families we had on site. We received tons of compliments on your performance. I would recommend you to anyone that asked and I can't say thank you enough for the wonderful job you did."
Tracey Kell, program director Norfolk Festivent Ltd.

"Rivetingly Absurd"
The New York Times

"The Laughter Machine, the Skinny German Juggle Boy is a crowd pleaser for all ages."
The Ithaca Times

"Hilby takes control of the Crowd"
The Daily Record, York PA

"Never fails to attract a crowd"

"Hilby's talents delight"
The Poughkeepsie Journal, NY

"This is what it must be like when Mark Mcgwire takes batting practice or Eric Clapton tunes his guitar, Hilby is here."
Cornell Magazine

"Spreading silliness around the world"
The Echo, CAN

"Hilby is turning heads with his unicycle performance and jaw dropping juggling skills."
The Advocate, Australia

Dundas Star News, CAN