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John Park
Comedy Entertainer


John Park Funny Waiter Show
[5 minutes]

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Any comedy act can get laughs, but not all laughs are created equal. Why settle for a few laughs when you could get a seasoned professional who'll leave them buzzing about your company or organiztion for the rest of the year? Jokes are funnier when they're tailored to your group with names, projects, and in-jokes. Watching a performer set himself up for a laugh at his own expense is funnier than seeing him cheaply embarrass a volunteer. And of course no one wants to hear off-color "nightclub" material at corporate events.

John Park delivers the laughs and so much more. He brings your employees, clients, and audience members together with lively, innovative material, tailored to your organization and presented in his own inimitable style.

  • Tailor the Show to Your Group with Insider Info:
    Before his appearance, John will quiz you on industry buzzwords, company jargon, and hot topics particular to your group. Equipped with this insider info, John ad-libs cutom one-liners for big laughs amid his hilarious set pieces.
  • Turn Your People into Comedy Stars:
    Before the show you'll also be asked to point out well-known personalities in the audience so John will know which people to "randomly" pick as volunteers. And it will be these partners in comedy - not John - who will be getting the biggest laughs of the night. You see, long ago John discovered his audience would go wild when his volunteers occasionally one-upped him on stage. So John purposefully created routines in which his volunteers always upstaged him. The result? Stardom for the volunteer, big laughs for the crowd, and a shared experience that will be talked about for years.
  • Deliver Ultra Clean Corporate Comedy with Universal Appeal:
    Have you ever been burned by a comic delivering off-color material at a corporate venue? That will never happen with John. His material is ultra clean. Always has been. Always will be. Plus, John's visual brand of comedy transcends different backgrounds, geographies, and demographics. Everyone in your audience will enjoy it.

Trade Shows

Based in the San Francisco Bay area for a number of years with Silicon Valley at his doorstep, it's no wonder that technology companies tapped John Park to make their booth stand out on a crowded trade show floor. The match was perfect. Using the skills he learned as a street performer, Park was able to easily entice crowds into any booth space. With a degree in Rhetoric, earned at University of California at Berkeley, writing scripts that not only got laughs but also drove home key points about the host company was a breeze.

Past Clients Have Included:
• Information Builders • Digital Equipment Corp. •
• HP • Fortinet • Compaq • Avaya • IBM • TGV •
• Kubota Graphics • Intel • Novell • Veritas •

"I am still hearing rave reviews. Thanks for making me a hero!"
Rhonda Butler, Sun Management

"I have never seen our associates laugh so much!"
Lana Batten, Network Two

"The most unique act I've ever booked!"
Bobbi Gelman, Livonia Ltd.

"Absolutely Spectacular"
Wayne Geoffrey, Ford