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Jonathan rinney
Circus Performer


Rolla Bolla




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Jonathan Rinny hails from a family of fourth and fifth generation circus performers, the youngest of the three Rinny children, Jonathan is an innovator who creates (and performs on) one of the world's smallest bicycles, a never before seen Rolla-Bolla lift, and the world's only 7 wheel unicycle which stands at 13 ft. tall to name a few. He is also a skilled juggler! Jonathan has been a performer since the age of 4 and has been balancing on Rolla Bollas since the age of 9, developing his skills into the amazing and gravity defying act you see today. This act can be magnified to go as high as 15ft! The swaying stack of cylinders keeps an audience captivated in suspense and holding their breath. Jonathan tests balance in interesting and relatable ways by balancing on skateboards, basketballs, etc all to a heart pumping soundtrack. Jonathan has taken his considerable talents both individually and as a family across most of South and North America. The entire Rinny Family are performers and perform now nationwide offering such unique acts such as troupe Juggling, Rolla Bolla, Unicycles, Comedy acts and more. Some of their notable appearances include Circus Circus in Reno Nevada, the Big E Fair, Circus World WI, the traveling company the Royal Hanneford Circus and NCAA Basketball halftimes.