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Joshua Seth

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TV Japan calls him "The #1 American Hypnotist", American Entertainment Magazine says he's "Amazingly Captivating", and Campus Activities Magazine declares he has "A High Energy, One-Of-A-Kind Show ". Having spent the past decade touring the world over 200 days a year, headlining and consistently selling out the largest cruise-ship showrooms, college theaters, and corporate events with his astonishing stage shows and keynotes, Joshua Seth is quite simply one of the most successful hypnotists / mentalists in the world today.

In 2003, Joshua won First Place at the Academy of Magical Arts' prestigious "Magic Castle Olympics" with his unique brand of mentalism.
In 2006 Joshua starred in his own 2 hour prime-time TV Special in Japan and another one the following year. Both specials finished #1 in the ratings during their sweeps week premiers.

Even if you've never seen him perform live, you've heard his voice as the starring role of "Tai" on the #1 Saturday morning cartoon "Digimon", the starring role of "Tetuso" in the Anime classic Akira, and over 50 other TV Shows and Movies (finally retiring from voice acting to go on tour with his stage shows after lending his voice to the Spongebob Squarepants Movie in 2005).

Joshua performs 2 full stage shows:


A fast-paced, high-energy, show that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Joshua's squeaky-clean hypnosis shows weave insanely funny interactive-comedy with the mysteries of the human mind. It's Like Having A Dozen Comedians Onstage At Once!


Joshua combines psychology, intuition, and showmanship to create an atmosphere of mystery and laughter that will absolutely astonish you.

Some Of The Highlights Include:

  • Joshua projects thought of numbers, names, and images into the minds of your audience while they gasp and turn to their neighbors in amazement when those exact thoughts appear in their heads.
  • A $100 dollar game show challenge is played with 3 members of the audience where hypnotic persuasion is used to influence their choices and 1 lucky winner could walk away with the cash!
  • Random members of the audience have their minds read (with NO bowl of written slips of paper on the stage!)
  • A phone book, a bunch of random audience members, a sealed envelope, and a prediction. It'll bring the house down!
  • And finally, a prediction is revealed that matches a fantasy vacation imagined by 6 members of the audience (or the show is Free!)


Now You Can Combine Joshua's Hypnosis and Mindreading Shows To Create A Full Evening Theatrical Experience Unlike Anything You've Ever Experienced Before. Joshua Seth's HypnoMental(TM) Show is a dynamic tour-de-force of mind reading, hypnosis, mass influence, cutting edge music, insane dance breaks, amazement, laughter and fun. It's an interactive experience unlike any other show in the market that American Entertainment Magazine says is "A one-of-a-kind show".

It's actually two shows in one. Combining the best of both Joshua's comedy hypnosis and mind reading shows, the HypnoMental(TM) Show weaves insanely funny interactive-comedy hypnosis with the mysteries of the human mind. It'll have your audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The HypnoMental(TM) Show will pack the house and set your crowd on fire. When you need the very best, book Joshua Seth's HypnoMental(TM) Show.

"Amazingly Captivating"
American Entertainment Magazine

"A High Energy, One-Of-A-Kind Show"
Campus Activities Magazine

"Joshua Seth Entertains... Magical"
The Los Angeles Times

"A One-Of-A-Kind Performance"
The Joplin Globe

"Amazing and Mesmerizing"
The Gaslight Theater

"Powerful and Entertaining"
Santa Barbara Independent

"Joshua Seth is a Multi-Talented Bundle of Energy"

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