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Keith Leaf
Dynamic Amazing Fire and Juggling Show


Keith Leaf Dynamic Fire Show
[3 minutes]


Keith Leaf Electric Light-up Show
[3 minutes]


Keith Leaf Fire Juggling
[3 minutes]


 Bellini Brothers Video
[2 minutes]

 Fire Troupe and Snakes Video
[1 minute]


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Keith Leaf Tech Rider


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Keith's juggling odyssey began 10 years ago with a trip around the world and has never stopped. THE FLAMING SLINKY OF DEATH, blazing meteor balls, fire dog leashes, flaming tennis rackets and fire staffs are some of the exotic props in his dynamic fire show. His comedy juggling show is great fun for children and adults. He juggles 6 balls, 5 clubs and for a grand finale, 3 sharp knives or three different objects while balancing on a rola bola. You will laugh till you cry!

Keith Leaf takes fire juggling to a whole new level, integrating fire staff, meteor rope, and torch performances with fire tennis rackets, flaming dog leashes and own world-renowned invention the Flaming Slinky of Death.

The length of the performances can be altered to fit your event schedule and combined to suit the mood and maturity level of your audience. Keith Leaf provides his own state-of-the-art sound equipment and show materials.

Partner show, The Bellini Bros: 2 Performers

Unicycle - regular, volunteer on shoulders and giraffe (tall 6 foot unicycle).

Juggling three very different objects: Tennis Racket, Large Knife, Very Old Slightly Used Plunger, All While Teetering High up on a balance board.

Club passing routine - 2 jugglers doing some tricks together, many volunteers in middle, then brave volunteer gets object knocked out of mouth.

Fire show- new Flaming Lasso 'get'll long little doggies' five to ten other fire props.

Light-up show - also new staff and brighter props.

Passing danger objects - Fire and Knives.

Passing light-up props - cool visuals.

Tennis Rackets, Meteor Poi Swinging Rope of the Absurd,
Diabolo (also Known as Chinese Yo-Yo), and little bit of hand balancing but... a lot of comedy.

Fiery Sensations – The Illuminating Fire Show

Consisting of an entire troupe of Fire Performers
Fire acts include: Diabolo, Yo-Yo, Multiple Torches, Fire Baton, Japanese Fire Staff, Chinese Fire Rope, Indian Torch Swinging, Blazing Meteor Balls, Flaming Lasso, Fire Tennis Racket juggling, Flaming Slinky of Death, Flaming Marshmallow Swallowing.

  • Flaming Poi
  • Double Staff juggling
  • Extras can include Snake Charmers and Musical Accompaniment.
  • A Blazing Extravaganza to light up any event!

"Brilliant. Yeah, Thanks for that."
- Paul McCartney, Amagansett, NY

"Loved the show."
- Barbara Walters, East Hampton, NY

"Your show cured my headache."
- Unidentified teacher, Springs, NY

"Best fireshow I ever saw."
- Sage Boyle age 8, Manhattan, NY

"I liked when he set his butt on fire."
- Gay Joey, Drag Queen, VA Beach, VA

"This guy is on fire."
- Howard Dunn, Venice Beach, CA

"It’s really Hot !!!"
- Joanna Shapiro, Galveston, TX

"We should run him for office."
- Judith Hope - Former National Democratic Co-ordinator and NY State Electoral College Representative