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Ken Frawley
The American Cowboy

Video 1 - Cowboy Ken Frawley

Video 2 - CampORama

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Cowboy Songs • Cowboy Stories • Old West Art of Trick Roping • Historical Facts • Preschool • K-6(or8) Elementary Schools • City and Community Events

The American Cowboy assemblies and shows bring to life the most iconic image of America to the world, the American Cowboy.  This program features traditional cowboy songs, stories, historical facts, and the Old West art of trick roping.  It is designed for preschool, elementary and family audiences to not only have fun and learn, but to also come away with a better understanding of the cowboy.  The program features lots of audience participation both on and off stage.  Children will participate in a cattle drive, an Old West round up, and trick roping.

Every musical / storytelling program with Cowboy Ken is fun, entertaining and full of audience participation. His endearing smile, sparkle in his eye, his personal enthusiasm, and his experience always engage and involve his audiences right from the start. Ken has performed thousands of his highly acclaimed programs for children and family audiences throughout Southern California and across the U.S. at preschools, schools, libraries, community events, fairs, festivals, and more.

Stories Can Include:

Skeeters – tall tale about mosquitoes sucking out all of Red River Joe’s rattle snake poisoned blood to save his life.

Prairie Mom – true story of the life of a woman on the Great Plains in 1865 and a day she makes soap and has an Indian encounter.

Bill Picket – Black cowboy and how he invented Bull Dogging – Steer Wresting at rodeos.

Prairie Coal – all about buffalo chips

Facing Fears – a Native American story taught to children as a way to face their fears.

Songs Can Include:

(*always include) - *Texas Cowboy;  *Cowboy’s Dream;  Old Texas Now;  Chisholm Trail;  I’m a Poor Lonesome Cowboy;  I Ride an Old Paint;  Cowboys Like to Ride;  and *Home on the Range.

Historical Facts:

Events that caused the cowboy to ride onto the pages of American History; Roots of the singing cowboy; the Spanish/Mexican heritage; branding and brands; trail drives and the jobs cowboys performed; railroad influences; Western Movement campfire fuel; why the era ended; and more.

Rope Ticks Include:

The Butterfly, Flat Loop, Cowboy Trade Off, Merry-Go-Round, One Foot Spoke Hop, Two Foot Spoke Hop, The Old In and Out, Wedding Ring, The Pop-Off, Will Roger’s Flying Loop Trick and the “Double Loop Spin”(space limitations sometimes do not allow for all).


Puppets are possible, especially for younger audiences, but there are additional requirements to do this and we would have to talk it over first and possibly add additional fees.   I often use them in Southern California for preschool and K-3 groups.