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Get Ready for the Magic!

Join us for a fun, interactive, and memorable summer program with our special guest, international award winning illusionist Krendl through a live streaming experience. Krendl will not only be performing magic for all to see but has created special routines where you will have the magic happen on the screen itself and even in your own hands! That's right! Krendl has created a very special live steam magic show that will involve the magic happening in your hands in your own home. Now that is magic!

Krendl's live stream performance will be a mix of performing live from his studio, interactive video performances, and a teach-a-trick session.

Krendl has performed in over 17 countries, has appeared on the hit television show The Impractical Jokers, and is one of the star Illusionists from the touring show, 'The Illusionists Live from Broadway.' What many people may not know about Krendl is he got his start in magic at the age of 10 at his local library. Never owning a magic kit or seeing a magician perform live before, at the age of 10, Krendl learned how to make and perform magic through the books at the library. He now shares his passion by paying it forward and teaching children all over the world through his online magic classes. Through these classes Krendl teaches children how to make and perform their own while obtaining valuable life lessons.

At the end of the magic performance Krendl will teach everyone their own magic trick to show their friends and family.

We hope you will join us for this very magical moment in time.

It is recommended that each person attending has with them 3 index cards (or similar type/size material), a writing utensil, a deck of cards if older than 6 years of age, and 3 rubber bands with at least 2 of them being different colors size #14 is the best size for smaller children ages 7 and under and size #16 for older children. Note: these are recommendations of objects to have to get the most out of the performance but are not necessary to enjoy the magic.