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Louis Pearl's Bubble Show
The Amazing Bubble Man

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Compilation Video
[1.5 minutes]

The Amazing Bubble Man!
[1 minute]

Highlights Video
[4 minutes]

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Louis Pearl has been bubbling professionally since 1980, when he started Tangent Toy Company. He started performing in 1983 with a show at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He has written two boks about bubbles, made a video called "Lights, Camera, Bubbles!" and has so far produced 21 fantastic bubble inventions.

Bubble Show Overview

A lot of fun activities with Bubbles, like People-Inside Of Bubbles, Square Bubbles, Spaceship,Universe, & Centipede Bubbles, Edible Bubbles, Bubble Brains, Trampoline Bubbles, , Trumpet Bubbles, William Tell Bubbles, And how to invent your own bubble toys.
Then, the following science themes are covered:

  • What is a bubble?
  • What makes bubbles pop?
  • Aerodynamics
  • Bernoulli and Venturi Efeects
  • How do airplanes fly
  • Can you make bubbles with just water? Yes!
  • What is an atom? A molecule?
  • Molecular bonding - atoms & molecules bond in the same way as magnets.
  • Surface tension, what is it and how to reduce it.
  • The physics of soap and water molecules
  • Soap films
  • Minimal surface area, why are bubbles round?
  • The colors of bubbles.
  • Can you see sound waves in bubbles?

I make all of the science as fun as the fun, so nobody has a chance to get bored.

Most shows are 45-50 minutes long

Schools, Libraries, Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Conventions, Weddings...

The Bubble Man is happy to perform age-appropriate shows for small children, big children, and REALLY BIG CHILDREN!