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Michael Rosman
Amazing Feats of Comedy


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Michael’s Amazing Feats of Comedy is the show for you! Michael alternates between expert and klutz, creating comedy situations using items such as bull whips, bowling balls, and blow guns. He is the only person catapulting bananas into a blender hat, concocting either banana daiquiris or banana milkshakes. Michael keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for a fantastic, fun-filled show.

In addition to Michael's exceptional juggling skills, the show contains a steady stream of subtle and not-so-subtle antics that will keep you laughing. But it’s not just Michael on the stage, participation is a key element to his show - don't be surprised if you find your audience helping Michael as he balances, juggles, and entertains.

"The roster's standout is Michael Rosman, whose inspired zaniness makes the tired comedy-juggling genre a treat. What really sets him apart is a valid sense of humor that is heavy on genuinely funny slapstick and sharp verbal jesting."

Boardwalk Beat by Chuck Darrow
Ashbury Park Press

"Hilarious - Just what our company was looking for"

Margie A. Yates
Xerox Corp.