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Obediah Thomas
"Impossible Possibilities" Comedy Juggling

View video of Obedia's Razzle Bam Boom,
A show for the entire family!


All That Trash Show Demo Video

The Crazy Bottles & Cans Show Demo Video


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An exciting show for kids of all ages!

Obediah's high energy show is filled with fun as he juggles M& M's, scarves, bowling balls, and much, much more! The kids are a big part of the show with his hilarious audience participation routines.

Another Possibility!

Imagine your entire group learning how to juggle! Obediah can teach up to 100 students in a 50 minute workshop, and up to 6 workshops in a day.

Kids have fun while improving their self-esteem!


Razzle Bam Boom!

Razzle Bam Boom is the music and comedy team of Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas. Since 1999, the duo has performed engaging shows for elementary school assemblies, theatres, and community venues. To truly engage family and school audiences, Beckwith and Thomas employ a unique blend of live musical performance, humor, and audience participation. All school shows also fulfill many Dept. of Education K-5 and K-6 curriculum standards for music, social studies and science.

All That Trash, is a musical production which inspires students and teachers to reduce, reuse and recycle by demonstrating why - and it does it in an extremely fun and engaging way. To research the most helpful, up-to-date recycling information, we consulted with recycling engineers throughout southern California. One of the greatest ways to motivate kids to recycle is to address our environmental impact. This original show does this in a fun and funny way. This show is performed by the popular Southern California duo Razzle Bam Boom.

The Crazy Bottles and Cans Show, is a school assembly that uses song, humor, and audience participation to give K-6 students a comprehensive overview about why it is important to recycle. Our experienced performer, Rebecca Lynn, takes students and teachers on a journey from the raw materials, through manufacturing, to consumer use, to consumer recycling, to shipping the redeemed materials to be used in more manufacturing. Seeing this journey makes this lesson not only easy to understand for the young students but underscores why it is critical that we recycle and not waste natural resources.

Download the PDF Flyer For Razzle Bam Boom

Razzle Bam Boom's FAM entertains the entire family - from baby brother to the grandparents. FAM (short for "family") is all about community and family. The duo uses song, movement, comedy, and audience involvement to bring people together. Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas play guitar, trumpet, vocals, and use fun costumes to perform a variety of music - Rock 'n Roll, Pop, Country, and even a little Rap.

Veteran children's theatre entertainer Obediah Thomas performs an original and artistic family show about the attributes of Character. "The Character Show" not only inspires family audiences on topics of common sense values and anti-bullying, but also captures the attention of children 4 and older.

Singin’ Green is a musical show which makes an ideal K-6 school assembly or family festival show which motivates young audiences to reduce, reuse and recycle. Professional Shows That Teach performer Mark Beckwith or Craig Newton uses song, audience participation and slide show (local indoor performances only) to demonstrate why it is wise to recycle, reduce, and reuse products made from our natural resources.

“Waterology” is an energetic, musical show about water science, water protection and conservation for grades K-6 (or K-8). Audiences are interactively involved through songs, competitions, call and response, skits and comedy to make every moment engaging and memorable. Local, indoor performances include a colorful slideshow, which visually reinforces the science.
A few key words and phrases are translated into Spanish. Kinder and sixth grade students alike, will enjoy this show.

"All That Trash" is a fun family show that demonstrates ways for children (and adults) to responsibly conserve our natural resources. Through song, comedy, and audience participation, audiences of all ages will discover the reasons why it is wise to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Razzle Bam Boom presents a song-filled review featuring American born genres of music from the past two centuries-Bluegrass, Hawaiian, Western, Jazz, Blues, Patriotic, Folk and Rock 'n Roll. The duo's musical-performance features music ranging from Stephen Foster and John Phillip Sousa to the Andrew Sisters and Hank Williams.

The roots of Rock 'n' Roll music go back much further than the Beatles, Little Richard or Elvis Presley. Through musical performance, humor, and audience participation, Razzle Bam Boom explores the early cultural influences that led to this 20th century phenomenon. This program is a great blend of culture, education, and fun.

Razzle Bam Boom presents a hilarious take on Orville and Wilbur Wright's history-changing quest. The Wright Brothers Musical features original songs, the story of two Ohioans conquering flight, and even a 20-foot wing span onstage model of their original "Flyer" aircraft. Through music and humor, K-5 or K-6 students will learn of the Wright Brothers' monumental flying invention, as well as a lesson of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Entertainers Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas will thrill family audiences with their musical show entitled "H2O, Where Did You Go?". Young and the young at heart will thoroughly be entertained - learning how fresh water is vital and should be conserved and protected:
• The amount of water we each use.
• The difference between salt water and fresh water.
• How water gets to our homes.
• How we each can save water.
• Water is vital for living things.
• The water cycle.
• The three states of matter.
• Gravity’s effect on water.


"Your participation at our July 4th event was outstanding!"

J. Nowers
Raupp Museum

"You achieved rave reviews from both children and adults. Your entire act and appearance delighted and amazed the crowd."

Erin Butler
St. Xavier University

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