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Thrilling Performers


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Olex is a 2nd generation performer who started his professional clowning career in 1988 for the Moscow State Circus, in Russia. He is nationally recognized for his diverse talent in physical comedy. His disciplines include but are not limited to: juggling, acrobatics, cigar boxes, musical eccentric-al, hand balancing, and his own invention "the bouncing ballerina."

Olex is extremely versatile and his characters include: an American face clown, a mime, a European style clown, and many more. Olex has performed for fairs, circuses, night clubs, casinos, NBA half-time shows, stage shows, and for many live television events.

Olena Deshko is one of the first females to perform this eye-catching and startling act in the United States and she has quickly captured the attention of audiences, fans and producers alike! Her "Geometric Gyration" features manipulation of giant cubes, spheres and other geometric figures. The shimmering, sparkling props and her equally captivating personality make this an exciting display. She was a hit on 137th Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 2007-08, and she promises to be a hit in any show savvy enough to include her in their cast!

Olena is world re-known for her high speed, high energy, hoola-hoop twirling abilities. In face, during a recent tour in Canada, the media dubbed her as "The Ukrainian Tornado". Both beautiful and graceful, Olena is guaranteed to shock the audience with her very own invention "The Human Slinky".

This finale performance features a rainbow of twirling hoops. Olena has performed for fairs, circuses, night clubs, casinos, NBA half-time shows, stage shows, and for many live television events.

"Russian hula-hoopster Olena Deshko who handles eight hula hoops at one time with more ease than most people can handle one.
Red Deer Advocate,07/21/2001,Canada

"But what a clown!... that Alex the Clown (Olexandr Kartukov) can perform in any circus in this world and add to its over all quality."
Bev Bergeron, CIRCUS REPORT ,vol 32 No.5 ,2004 USA

"Olena Deshko is one of the best hula-hoop performers I have ever seen!"
The Gilbert Miller agency,USA

"Olexandr Kartukov is a master in a variety of circus genres."
Peter Dubinsky “Firebird productions,INC” USA

Ottawa Citizen ,08/2001,Canada

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