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Polynesian Paradise Dancers
Island Dreams


Half Hour Show

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In 1993, Akemi Welsh started Polynesian Paradise, a professional Polynesian entertainment company specializing in the traditional and modern dances of Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand and Samoa.

The Polynesian Paradise dancers will take you on an exotic journey to our 50th State. Hawaii joined the union in 1959 bringing to our nation a history, language and the Hula. Children of all ages will participate while on this fun and educational journey across the Pacific Ocean. Not only will students enjoy watching the traditional dances but, a hula lesson will be taught with an explanation of how the movements tell a story of Hawaii’s history and tropical landscape. Learn why Hawaii is so unique and part of a greater discovery. Hawaii is considered part of the Polynesian islands, which is made up of over 1,000 islands. Each Island has its own language but they share in the spirit of Aloha, telling a story through dance and most importantly respect for our Earth.

The Hula dance and has been passed down from generation to generation, and we would like to continue that tradition by passing this beautiful art form to you.

Performance can range from 30minutes up to 1 hour in length.

  • HISTORY: Students will learn about the rich history that surrounds the art of Polynesian dance and its significance to the people of Polynesia.
  • LANGUAGE: Performers will introduce the language from the Polynesian islands of Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti by way of music, greetings and dance terminology.
  • ART FORM: Students will have the opportunity to learn about Polynesian dance as an art form and how culture roots transcends each hand motion to tell a story.





"Everyone's time, talent and energy really helped to make the World Premieres at the legendary El Capital Theater in Hollywood and the premier at Graceland in Memphis exceed everyone's expectations. The collection of talent and choreography for the ABC television special really made it something terrific."
J. Kevin Frawley, Vice President
Special Events Production and Talent
Buena Vista Pictures, Hollywood

"I want to thank you and your dancers for being part of the NBC July Press Tour All Star Party! You were all a true joy to work with. Your organization, professionalism and attention to detail made everything run so smoothly" We of course appreciate how flexible and positive you were when it came to adapting your performance to the nature of the event."
Special Event Coordinator
NBC Television Network
Burbank, CA

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