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Puppy Pals
Comedic Stunt Dog Show


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The Puppy Pals Comedic Stunt Dog Show is a hilarious presentation for the whole family and the dog lover in all of us as seen on TV's America's Got Talent! Featuring mostly rescued dogs, Puppy Pals is an over-the-top tale of what can happen when humans and animals come together in kindness, comedy, compassion, and cooperation. You won't believe your eyes when these pooches perform spectacular stunts and breathtaking feats such as climbing a ladder, jumping rope, and even a BACKFLIP! Full of surprises and laugh-out-loud canine comedy, Puppy Pals is a fan favorite for children of all ages. This is not only a show loved by all, but a family fun experience as in every performance, we invite the audience to take part and maybe even jump in the action with our furry friends.

After every show, we offer an optional photo & autograph opportunity with the canine stars. This has been proven to be a great social media booster for fairs/festivals as the guests step into the performance area and take home a unique branded gift to share with their friends.

In addition, The Puppy Pals Show, in most cases our other show "Wesley Williams - The One Wheel Wonder" can be included in a package deal. With changeable banners and branding material, this show can be performed in the same space as the Stunt Dog Show in between their performances. However, if you prefer two separate self-contained setups, we do that as well. The One Wheel Wonder show is also fantastic for street shows on the grounds or on an existing stage.

puppy pals