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Martial Arts Performance Team


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Combining martial arts, dance and gravity-defying acrobatics, Sideswipe has taken the world of entertainment by storm.

Sideswipe Martial Arts based group blends traditional martial arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do, with gymnastics and acrobatics to create an extreme highflying display of talent, strength and stamina unlike anything else on the planet.

Sideswipe entertains audiences worldwide at sporting events, NBA and college half times, festivals, theaters and special events of all kinds. Sideswipe combines music and choreography with dynamic displays of martial arts to bring a whole new meaning to words Martial Arts!

Sideswipe finished 5th on NBC’s America’s Got Talent beating out over 100,000 contestants. Sideswipe appeared on the show for 4 months and was seen by over 16-million viewers each week!

Breaking the limits of High Action Performance Art!

“One of the best in the business.”

Bob Zane,
Jerry Lewis Telethon

“What you did brilliantly tonight was you turned a sport into entertainment. I’ve got to say, it was electrifying!

Piers Morgan
NBC’s America’s Got Talent

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