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Snap Boogie


Snap Boogie Promo (composite video)

Snap Boogie America's Got Talent Semi Finals

Snap Boogie Oklahoma Halftime Show

Snap Boogie Mason Madness 2019 Halftime Show


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This native Bostonian has taken his high-energy, street-style, one-man solo show to audiences around the globe, and in front of millions as a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. He was featured in a movie called “The Way Way Back”, alongside  Steve Carrel and Maya Rudolph. Snap Boogie® performs at NBA and College half-time shows, and regularly competes in international dance battles as a multi-disciplinary dancer (tap Dance, popping, and breakdancing). Recently, through a partnership with Enjin, he broadened his horizons, and created the very first dance emote NFT in the world, for the gaming industry.

Beyond this, Snap Boogie has extended his creation, to the artistic world. His company, Beauty in the Streets® provides a platform for artists and street performers to create their very own emote NFTs, which will monetize their talents and take them to the next level. In addition to Snap Boogie's passion for performing, he is embarking upon a new mission; to merge the entertainment industry into the Blockchain space.


What I especially loved about his show was that there was truly something for everyone - it's rare to find an act that appeals equally to adults, families, and teens... I look forward to the opportunity to work with Cjaiilon in the
future and happily recommend him as a valuable addition to any event. - Allison Williams, Artistic Director
Downtown Dundas B.I.A.

His professionalism is top notch and this infectious personality and showmanship captured the attention of a wide range of audience, from the very young to the very young at heart. He was a great additon to our entertainment line-up and would welcome him back again and again. I would highly recommend the addition fo Snap Boogie to your entertainment line-up. You will not be dissapointed. - Joann Gonyea, Director, Dept. of Parks and Recreation