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The Drumline
Performance Drumming


The Drumline Perform at
Qatar Airways Ceremony(4.5 mins)




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This group of talented youth from Chicago’s inner city has been drumming their way into the hearts of audiences at fairs, festivals, schools, major sporting events and corporate events throughout the country.

Founder and Director Jerome Altman
started the group in 1990. With a background in drumming himself, Jerome had a vision to pull kids from the community and give them a purpose and skill where they could excel. The mission is to give these young people a positive outlet for growth and success, while diverting attention from the Street. The group has become so much more and is still spreading the message of staying in school, away from gangs and drugs and using your talent to uplift yourself and others in a positive, constructive direction. Now 30 years later Jerome is proud to be attending college graduations right and left.




"Just the energy I was looking for! Our guests were literally jumping out of their seats to get closer to the action.”
Gerry Jenich, CEO NuCare Services Corp.