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The French Touch of Magic


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Titou the French Touch of Magic, lives in Los Angeles, California. He is a Champion of Magic and has performed in over 40 different countries. Titou has a very creative approach and his French Style keeps him very busy as a performer and consultant on many TV Shows. He has worked for the most famous brands and companies around the world with his special approach and touch.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Titou started performing magic when he was a kid after receiving a magic set on Christmas. As a perfectionist, Titou practiced for hours and hours everyday. By the age of 15 he started to perform for private parties . As his sleight of hand got better he eventually became a full time professional magician!

At the age of 18, he met a magician by the name of Laurent Beretta who was the winner of the grand prize of the Monte Carlo Magic Stars Festival. Titou started training under Beretta and received a lot of advice about tricks, psychology and professionalism.

Titou now performs all over the world for major corporations and has performed in over 40 countries worldwide. His French approach and style to magic allows him the ability to be a creative performer and consultant for many events and TV shows.

Titou's Shows

Close-Up/Walk Around Magic

Imagine that a coin disappears, a signed card is found in a sealed envelope, and a borrowed ring floats in the air. And all of these miracles are presented only a couple of inches away from your eyes. Titou walks around your party and entertains small groups of people at a time. Your guests are left astonished with his sleight of hand miracles. This type of magic is suitable for cocktail parties, corporate events, trade shows, and weddings. Customized tricks for companies and themes are available upon request.

Stand Up & Comedy Magic Shows

Titou’s show combines mind blowing magic with a special "French Touch" of humor that creates a perfect mix to your event. His show uses comedy and magic with audience participation. Perfect for any kind of party, comedy club, cabaret, corporate event, etc. Show range from 15-45 minutes in length and can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Stage Illusion Shows

Titou’s Stage Illusion Show combines classic and original magic, stage illusions, dancers, music and audience participation. In this show the impossible becomes possible. Reality is shattered, and people are left wanting more. Titou has performed his Stage Illusion Show all over the world for major corporations, festivals, theaters, and theme parks!