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Uzeyer Novruzov


SUzeyer Novruzov Half-Time Show


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Uzeyer Novruzov was born in Eysk, Russia, to a family of Azerbaijani origin. As a teenager, Uzeyer attended music school. He found an outlet for his considerable energy in "amateur circuses," the Russian equivalent of youth circus schools. He ended up, quite unnaturally, in a cooking institute. Yet Uzeyir never gave up his circus ambitions and continued his acrobatic training. He showed a natural gift for balance, and his joyful energy, combined with his musical and dancing abilities, didn't long go unnoticed.

In 1995, he was accepted into Moscow's illustrious circus school, the State College for Circus and Variety Arts. He graduated three years laterwith his unsupported ladder act (free ladder) and soon after was a laureate of the All-Union Circus Competition, arguably—given the high level of circus training in Russia—one of the world's most difficult circus competitions.

He then became a member of Moscow's Bolshoi Circus, on Vernadsky Boulevard (one of the Russian capital's two permanent circuses), where he was noticed by the Big Apple Circus. Uzeyer came to the U.S. in 2002. He was featured in the Big Apple Circus's production of Dreams of a City. He remained in North America and has since appeared with his free ladderact in Cirque du Soleil's Corteo.

Half time shows consist of extreme ladder balancing stunts and comedy antics.