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Wildlife Wendy & her Tropical Birds
Tropical Bird Show


Wildlife Wendy

Wildlife Wendy Pet Star

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About the Show

Wildlife Wendy and her tropical birds provide an up-close and personal encounter with the most entertaining species of the bird world.

Audiences are instantly intrigued by the majestic macaws as they present incredible physical abilities as well as their vivacious personalities.

Crowds are amazed and laugh out loud at the antics of the talking and singing parrots, while the free-flight birds captivate all!

Utilizing the traditional favorites of trick-performing, mimicking and free-flight combined with fascinating facts; Wendy presents an upbeat show that inspires respect for all wildlife!

The show is for all ages and is fast-paced, fun, and includes on-stage guests from the audience. After the 20 - 25 minute performance (40-45 min. at schools), guests are encouraged to ask questions, Wendy incorporates education into her presentation with the goal of creating wildlife awareness. Adults appreciate the educational content and may even learn something new, while the children will be having so much fun, they will not even realize that they're learning.

About the Birds

All of my birds enjoy performing in the show. I train them through the means of positive reinforcement. Parrots are highly intelligent, social animals that welcome the opportunity to problem solve. By performing in shows, these birds are provided with an excellent source of physical and mental stimulation while stealing the attention and hearts of thousands in the process!


About Wendy

"Wildlife" Wendy Horton is a professional animal trainer based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 1990, Wendy has been working with a variety of exotic animals such as marine mammals, big cats, primates, hoofstock, reptiles and birds.

An Ohio native, Wendy first aspired to become a television personality and was anchoring the morning news in Bucyrus, Ohio at the age of 20! Extensive feature reporting about animals led Wendy to become a dolphin handler and performer at Cedar Point's Oceana Show in Sandusky, Ohio

Wendy was then accepted to the highly acclaimed Moorpark College Teaching Zoo in Southern California. She earned her degree in exotic animal training and management specializing in wildlife education. Wendy continued performing in animal shows across the country including California's Six Flags Magic Mountain and New England's Riverside Park. In addition to performing, Wendy has trained exotic and domestic species for the television and film industry including the feature film Being John Malkovich, ABC's Grace Under Fire, Disney's Even Stevens, Nickelodeon's Brothers Garcia as well as Petco, Maaco, AmericanTouristor and Volkswagen commercials

Being fortunate to have worked with all varieties of animals, Wendy could not deny her passion for parrots and in 1995 she decided to produce her own show. With four birds under her wing, Wendy was on her way with the goal to create experiences abound! Today, Wendy has seven birds in the act and performs with her husband, Steve Talmon. As entertaining as the birds are, Wendy mixes fun with fact, striving to bring awareness and appreciation for feathered creatures, as well as the endangered rainforests where the bird's ancestors call home.

Past Appearances

Wendy Horton and her tropical birds have performed for State & County fairs, School and library programs, as well as on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Animal Planet's Pet Star, Soap Talk, Hallmark Channel's McBride and Discovery Kid's Hip Hop Harry.

- Ellen DeGeneres Show
- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
- Donny & Marie
- The Howie Mandel Show
– Soap Talk
- Winner on Animal Planet's Pet Star
- Hallmark Channel's "McBride"
– Disney's "Even Stevens"
- Grace Under Fire
- Extreme Gong Show
- Talk Soup
- America's Greatest Pets
- Wild Animal Games
- KTLA Morning News

- "Being John Malkovich"
– "Clipping Adam"

- Petco
- American Touristor
- Volkswagen Commercials

- Mark & Brian Radio