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Wild World of Animals
Traveling wildlife show


Wild World Of Animals Video


Wild World Of Animals
College Visit Video (3 mins)



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Voted "one of the top five edu/tainment shows
in the world for 2006" by the International
Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

We are a wildlife company specializing in entertaining and educational wildlife shows for a variety of occasions and events.

We have over eighty-five animals including: big cats, wolves, other large carnivores, primates, birds of prey, parrots, venomous and non-venomous snakes, crocodilians and other various reptiles, small mammals and amphibians.

We have over twenty years of experience working with wild animals in front of the public. We travel the entire country, as well as perform in our own backyard in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We play some of the biggest events in the country and are considered one of the best wildlife shows today.

Wild World of Animals was voted one of the top five edu-tainment shows in the world by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions!

Wild World Animals have been featured on shows such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmyu Kimmel, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, CBS Early Show, Live with Kelly, Martha Stewart, Maury Povich, Anderson Cooper, Tyra Banks, Fox and Friends and Greta van Sustern. The imence variety of creatures includes everyone from Birds of Prey to Predators of the World - insects to the Big Cats and everyone in between.

Schools and Scouts

We offer an entertaining and educational wildlife show for children's and family events. This show is great for birthday parties, school classrooms, day care centers, club events, and boy and Girl Scout gatherings.

The show includes about 14 different animals in a 45-50 minute program. The animals are usually the following: African emperor scorpion, marine toad, African spur-thigh tortoise, American alligator, Nile crocodile, European legless lizard, python, European eagle owl, kinkajou, fennec fox, binturong (bearcat), spot-nose guenon (monkey) and an African spotted leopard or hyena. The show is designed for ages four and up; this is an estimate based on the fact that an understanding of the dialog is required. The show is fast-paced and tends to hold everyone's attention.

We have 85 animals, so if you've had us before, we can always do a different show by switching animals.

Local Festivals, Corporate Events and Picnics

Our show can also be designed for more of a mixed age group including things for the adults as well as the kids. This type of show is great for library and church groups, company picnics, small festivals, retirement communities, and other community

Stage Shows

Multi-Day Fairs, Festivals and More

Our stage show is a fast-paced, entertaining and educational program performed on our colorfully painted stage. We come completely self-contained, needing only 24-hour electric and water for the event. We perform three thirty-minute shows daily.

The show features a variety of animals -- reptiles, birds and mammals -- including: American alligator, alligator snapping turtle, albino monocle cobra, reticulated python, European eagle owl, blue and gold macaw, opossum, binturong, spot-nose guenon (monkey) and an African spotted leopard or hyena.

The show is originally scripted and is full of laughs. We involve volunteers in the show at a few points as well. The show is highly praised and appreciated for its educational content. It has a nice balance of both entertainment and education and is always very nicely received, playing well in the most rural of areas to the most urban.

We can customize a show to meet your venue and budget. Please call for pricing and references.

Theme and Amusement Parks

We show at larger venues such as  theme and amusement parks by enhancing our stage show to meet the larger seating capacities of these venues.

For these types of shows, we concentrate on the larger animals such as: leopard, cougar, black bear, North American grizzly bear, black and white rufted lemur, king cobra, 20’ python, 100-lb-plus alligator snapping turtle, 8' alligators, European eagle owls and more. These larger animals work better in large capacity theaters, since they can be seen from further away.

Studio Work

Wild World of Animals can provide the animals you need for your media project.

Use our Spot Nose Guenon (monkey) in your movie, video, documentary or other multimedia filming. Or spotlight our blue and gold macaw in your print advertisement.




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