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Atom Geld
World's Fastest Painter

The Rock Star of Performance Art

Creating incredible paintings in only three minutes using no brushes? My performance is remarkable, unbelievable, and breathtaking! Your audience will be left laughing, speechless, and happy!

You're always trying to have the best entertainment.
Your audience has seen it all. They need to be amazed and stunned. This is something your audience has NEVER seen before.

They'll LOVE IT!!

Every 3 minutes, I make an incredible painting to give to your guests- All while making them laugh at my funny antics!
Painting after painting, for four hours, THE SHOW NEVER STOPS!
Great entertainment and a great "Work of Art" for your clients!

My show can be performed at ALL events.

No fumes, No over-spray, No-mess show!



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Additional Information:

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"Atom Worlds Fastest Painter" for your event!

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1. Show Description:
4 hour high-paced comedy performance art show.
Approx 40 paintings (valued @ $100 each) made live and given to your guests.

2. Performance Area: 6 ft. wide 5 ft. deep

3. Lighting:
Top of the line, light show and laser included.
The darker the better.

4. Sound:
Small PA speakers and mic quietly play my music video collection included.